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song help


New Member
Help! Every year my nursery school picks a theme and the children put on a show, where they get dressed up and dance to different songs. I am looking for two songs for my 3 year olds. One for lifeguards and the other for potato farmers. Does anybody have any ideas? Last year I used "I Wanna Be Like You" from the Jungle Book and "Surfin' Safari" by the Beach Boys for our zoo theme. Thank You!!


not specific, but

maybe you could use something from the Beach Boys for the Lifeguards. But you probably already thought of that. My daughter has a cd from Shark Tales that has several cute, very singable songs on it. Car wash, Movin on Up, etc. I can't remember what else. If you have Itunes, maybe put lifeguards or farmers in the search and see what it comes up with.

Ms. K

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I have a great song! It is by Bev Bos and it can be found on her CD We've Been Waiting for you. The song is called "I waited and I Waited".

Here are some of the words:

I planted a seed
In the dark cool ground
I put my ear to the ground
And I listened
But I didn't hear a sound
So I waited
and I waited
and I waited
and I waited
but the seed didn't grow
I got down on my knees
and I said "Please,
Are you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever gonna grow?"

It has a few more verses and the plant finally grows in the end. My kids love to sing it.