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Sore throat!


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I was supposed to return to work today after our break, but last night came down with a 102 degree temperature. Sniff, sniff. Anyone catch something?

Miss C

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Not yet!

I say "not yet", because as soon as I say "no", I'll come down with the plague or something. Hope you feel better soon. I sent one home sick today, and three others were absent. Taking lots of vitamin C! ;)


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Are you my daughter?

Stayed home with my kid today. She has a sore throat, swollen glands, and a 102 temp. Dr. says no to strep.


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sick kids

I had 4 out on Thursday, we had Friday off and I figured they would all be back today. Wrong!!! I had 7 kids out with fever, coughs, strep, brochitis and who knows what else. I am crossing my fingers I don't get it!!


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I've got it!!

On my break(of course). Hubby brought it home. Kiddo was on antibiotics for an ear infection so, sofar so good for him. It is awful. :(



Here in Iowa if you have a fever, swollen glands or a sore throat you are immediately tested for mumps. Been a wild few months with this epidemic going on. I've had 3 friends get the mumps (adults, mind you!) that thought it was just strep but turned out to be mumps.

Feel better - summer needs to come!


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Countdown to Summer.

I'm home sick today and I finally got a chance to read everyone's replies. Hope everyone is feeling better!


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Arrggghh! I just came down with a sore throat last night! The spring musical I am directing is two weekends away and we are in an intense rehearsal mode. I hope my cast stays healthy!