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Space Theme



I Work With A Non-profit Agency And We Have An 8 Week Kamp.
Each Week We Have A Theme Such As Sports, Animals, Independence Week, Etc. My Theme Happens To Be Space Week In Which Science Has Always Been My Weakness. The Disticnt Different Age Groups To Plan For Ages 2-5 And 8 To 12 Year Olds.
Any Ideas?? Any Place To Pick Up Resources At Low Costs?
Thank Yopu For Any Assistance.



I taught a unit on space last year for a k-2 class. There are lots of poems and songs on the net. Each morning before we started the roll etc everyone had to pretend to get dressed in their space suit and step into the rochet, we would then blast off and be ready to learn. We sang lots of songs and poems. There are lots that can be found on CanTeach.com, it's free!!! Also another good site that has fact files about space, worksheets for grades k-3 and clipart etc is learningpage.com, you need to become a member but it is free. I found this site particularly useful, I hope you do too!
Good luck!!


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Fun Projects.
ALKA SELTZER ROCKETS. (you can get empty film canisters from ---one-hour photo ---Wal-mart ---photo shops) This is an outside project. Fuji film canister – the kind where the lid fits inside the canister. The others don’t work.
1. Optional: Make a cone and tape it to the top of the canister.
2. Fill the film canister ½ full with warm water.
3. Put in ¼ tablet of Alka Seltzer – no more
4. Snap the lid tightly into the canister, turn it over on a hard surface and stand back. The lid is on the hard surface. The sodium bicarbonate will make the canister launch into the air. If you vary the temperature of the water, your rocket will shoot to different heights. The warmer the water, the higher it will go.
This was a fun and educational projects.