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speaking of cars..... :)))


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Reading Lisa's post and thinking about the home post....think about your car at this moment--what does the inside of your car say about you??

Mine says:
I'm neat since it's clean inside
I like to exercise-- you'll find my yoga mat, my pickle ball bag and my cardio drumming items.
There may or may not be a folded map in the glove box LOL.
I also have a table at my church that I upkeep so items in my car for that.
You can tell I don't have a dog
No car seats so no kids or gk

Anyone else care to share?? :D


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Fun question!
Mine says:
*I'm half-organized and half-not.
*I'm a bit of a germaphobe. I still have my hand sanitizer in there and have disposable gloves in the glove box for when I pump gas.
*I'm in a half-kid, half-no kid kind of stage of life. I have a car seat, toys, and a stroller for when I have my foster child, but they are only utilized on and off.
*I like to be prepared and have things with me.


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My car is clean. The only thing I have in the trunk is a car seat for my grand. Otherwise, I have a clean car motto which means that anything I put in the car goes out when I get home. I think this says that I aspire to be very organized.
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Mine says:
*I'm definitely not neat. I clear trash and clutter out of my car once a week or so but it accumulates quickly.
*I live in a cold climate. I have a winter survival kit, a winter sleeping bag, a bag of sand, a snow shovel and jumper cables in my car.
*I like to go to the beach and I have lots of trees - there is still a bit of sand and leaf debris in the back of my car, hopefully to get vacuumed out this week now that I'm well and truly done with that stuff for this year.
*I like to hike and snowshoe - backpack, hiking stick, snowshoes and trekking poles all living in my car right now.


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Mine says we live in a cold state as we have three blankets piled in the back of the car with some hot hands in the glove compartment.

Cat woman

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Mine says that this car has been well used. Owner cares about the cleanliness of the interior more than the exterior. The car has been well maintained despite its dents and bruises because it has almost 200,000 miles on the odometer. (it is 14 years old) Not many passengers because the back seat is in excellent condition. A bit of a hippie at heart based on the 70's style macramé and bell hanging from the rear view mirror.


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Mine says I’m old. I always used to laugh at the “just in case” things that were in my parent’s trunk—towels,blanket, first aid kit, jumper cables, scissors, extra jacket, gloves, trash bags. Now I have all those things :rolleyes:

In the actual car itself my car says I live in a rainy area, the mats are muddy. I go through drive-throughs, there’s always a straw wrapper. I’m careless about receipts, they get tossed onto the front seat. I’m trying to be helpful, I have a bag of food & socks for a homeless person.


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Fun question! My car tells you:
*I am frugal.
*I value old things that work well (it’s a 2006).
*I don’t wash it often (the color “doesn’t show” dust).
*I am neat and organized.
*I take care of the interior, exterior, and under the hood.
*I never want to be caught in another TP shortage (3 large packages in trunk).


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My car says we live in a snowy area-scrapers, brushes, emergency blankets, flares, etc. It says I constantly enjoy three grandkids by the three booster seats in back (car specifically purchased to hold three), and the accumulation of little toys on the floor. It also says I am practical on the inside (Toyota), and a little jazzy on the outside (CHR).


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I have a DOG. I have a dog. I HAVE a dog.

No trash. No stuff out. No fast food cups. All emergency gear neatly stowed. Flat surfaces wiped down regularly. Dog hairs in all the nooks and crannies. It needs a good vacuuming.


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1. I am definitely not neat and organized (messiness ranges from subtle to extreme at times)
2. I have a grandkid (car seat).
3. I like my drinks (non-alcohol)--water bottles, coffee cups
4. I go through drive-thrus often for drinks (straw wrappers)
5. I listen to a lot of podcasts and music through my phone (aux cord)
6. I workout. (gym bag, extra pair of running shoes, headphones)


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Love this question and fun to read PT answers!

My car says about me:
I enjoy a new car and cool color!
I'm organized but in winter, the inside floors are a bit dirty.
I hike (hiking poles always in the trunk)
I use reusable grocery bags
I am a member of the nearby Arboretum (sticker on windshield)
I travel (EZ Pass is mounted on the windshield)
I am prepared -water bottle, snacks, Kleenex, mask , gum, flashlight, snow scraper, blanket


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Fun question and interesting answers!

My car says: I am prepared. I have 2 large towels in the back seat. Are you cold? Put a towel over you. Did you get wet? Here’s a towel and dry off.
I also have wipes, plastic bags, bottle water and hand sanitizer in the door. I have a spare set of sunglasses, a couple of quarters, and a small bottle of Tylenol.
I do clean out the inside of my car at least once a month.


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My car says
* I’m neat- no clutter and a small garbage container.
* I’m prepared - In the center closed storage there is a box of tissues, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, masks, charging cords and a hidden 20 dollar bill
* I live where it snows- in the trunk are two blankets, a snow brush, an ice scraper, extra mittens and a shovel.
* also in the trunk is a car charger.
* Im a grandma- I have a car seat in the back seat And a stuffed animal.

NJ Teacher

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Definitely some dog hair in the back, although she doesn’t ride much due to her arthritic legs. An exercise mat for days when I have Barre and Body Conditioning classes at the gym. Sometimes, library books. Lots of reusable grocery bags in the trunk, as well as my beach umbrella and related beach gear. Also, a small snow shovel, my ice scraper and a snow brush.


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My car right now is a tabula rasa. In a week, it will show my true colors.

My old car was littered with reusable grocery bags, an umbrella, a brush/scraper for snow. Handy to the driver's seat were a travel mug, box of tissues, sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses (the big kind you get at the eye doctor's office), pens and pencils and a little notebook, a first aid kit, etc. The car didn't have air conditioning and I live in a rural area, so dusty inside and out. The trunk still has dirt from some plants I bought and brought home last summer. However, it is well-maintained (apart from the surface dust) and I have all the maintenance records filed in the glove box.


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My car tells you:
- I don’t replace big ticket items very often. My car is 2006.
- I had a short commute before retirement and necessities are available close at hand (only 80 000 km on my odometer even though I drive almost daily). I’m usually a passenger on longer car trips and public transit is close at hand.
- I’m 50/50 on keeping things spic and span .I don’t get a car wash very often but keep the interior tidy. The trunk is somewhat messy.
- I live in a four season climate. Snow tires on the car and jumper cables, shovel, brushes, ice scrapers, flare, blanket, extra gloves, windshield fluid, 2 umbrellas, and a few dried leaves in the trunk)
- I like to exercise - my gym bag is usually in the trunk


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My car illustrates the real me. There are reusable grocery bags in the hatch. Sunshade between the seats. Sunglasses in the sunglass holder. Extra masks in the glove box along with the garage remote - rarely used. Nothing else. It is two years old. My first four door car. No one or no object has been in the back seat yet.

Ima Teacher

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I don’t think any of my cars have ever really given a casual observer an accurate picture of the driver, but they all have very similar things to say.
  • parks in a garage (usually clean, no frost, no snow)
  • organized (one tote of car items, an umbrella, random items in console)
  • don’t drive much (only had one of four cars ever go over 100,000 miles)
  • like/have dogs (keep dog treats in pocket of door
I buy cars new and keep them for a long time. The years overlap because I buy a new one and still have the old one in the family, even if I’m not the one driving it.
  • Cutlass Ciera 1986-2007
  • Monte Carlo Z34 1996-2009
  • Ford F-150 2008-2021
  • Highlander 2019-present
None of those cars really seem to be ones that reflect my personality. I’m not sure why I go for kind of non-typical vehicles. I joke with DH that my current car looks like I should be taking kids to soccer practice.


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My car says I like to be prepared for anything. I have an emergency kit in the trunk with car essentials and first aid essentials. I have a blanket, extra gloves and hat in there too. In the backseat I have a sweater and an umbrella. In the glovebox and center console I have wipes, lotion, kleenex, eye drops, razor, notepad, pens, earbuds, extra battery phone charger, three pairs of sunglasses, CDs, and probably more that I can't think of. AND I JUST ORGANIZED MY CAR! I just can't get enough things out of it, because I think I need it all. I feel like I could live out of my car sometimes when things start piling up. Sometimes I have gym shoes and an extra set of clothes in there too. I usually have water somewhere, but I know I don't right now.


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My car says:
*I live on a farm on gravel roads. We drive to 2 miles to get to a paved road.
*My car gets dusty and dirty inside and out, so I have a Swiffer duster in the side pocket to dust at stoplights!
* We live in the midwest where it's cold now and it snows, so I have a snowscraper, a can of deicer, and a blanket in the back end.
* I like to be prepared so I have an umbrella, sunglasses, snacks, wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, phone chargers, kleenex, garbage sacks, and maps stowed in various places.
* I use reusable bags for groceries.

Fun topic!


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I spend almost no time in my car. I use city transit or go places in my "other" car, which dh uses. MY car, which I bought from family recently, probably doesn't say a whole lot. Maybe that:
*I'm neat
*I like Les Mis (the only CD currently in there, it belonged to my family member, but I love it too)
*I don't drive it much and the previous owner didn't, either (2017 with less than 40K miles)

The car dh uses (which I also think of as "mine" since I bought it) says a lot:
*he's a pig :D
*he eats on the road
*he does a lot of hauling
*he drives a lot (over 200K now, maybe?)- many were trips we took together

What he does not like is that a public vehicle hit it and left a big dent and another vehicle hit is and made the mirror fall off (he got a new one after using duct tape for a while). He thinks it looks junky. It does, but now the outside matches the inside 🤨 He worries about the outside and how it looks. I would be more worried about the inside.


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Right now my car makes me look like I'm moving because it's full of boxes. I picked some big ones up from our buy nothing group for painting and building at school, but we're in the middle of another project so there's no room to store them. Thus, they are being stored in my van. It also says I live at the beach as there is a chair, foldable table, and umbrella always in the back as well as a hat, sunscreen and book in the middle.

I wish it said I am organized and clean but I always seem to be picking things up and moving things around and it's full of strange things.