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Special Area teachers and behavior


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Hi! After 20 years in the elementary classroom I've moved in the librarian position. I really love it, but have a question about classroom management from you. The other special area teachers have all confirmed the problems I'm having from a couple of classes and particular students. One of my big problems is that kids have never been required to "work" in library. I also don't give grades. The music, PE teacher, and myself have thought about trying some sort of classroom management system together. Has anybody out there done anything like this at their schools?


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Welcome to Proteacher. It is my favorite website. In my school, our librarian gives work for the kids to do to keep them busy while looking for and check in and out books. She grades them and gives them to us (homeroom teachers). We use them for grades for reading, english, social studies whatever the topic is. Sometimes I use them as bonus points at the end of the quarter.

Also, grades 1-5 teachers sit in the library during that period working on grading, research etc. We can leave to go to the restroom or make a phone call but we are very near. Most of the time it is just a great 40 minute grading period for me.

How about a demerit system. Each child has a card. For any infraction, the card is signed by the teacher and after 5 the student has to serve a detention. You could hold 30 minute detentions after school or during recess. Our kids just sit there and are not allowed to do anything.

How about a reward system. Each time the class or student has a good day, mark it down. After ?# of days, have some sort of reward. A movie, piece of candy. popcorn, etc. Try to get a race going between classes to see who is the best class/student, etc.

How about at the end of the day, announcing the best class in each subject over the P.A. system. Its free and the kids love it. Maybe each quarter a certificate could be given to each student in the class for the best class in each subject from the Principal or Someone.

At my school we have something called Gabriel's Angels. Its a ribbon that the Principal hands out the day after reportcards to each student in the school with no conduct problems. Our K-8 kids can all qualify. The kids love it and so do their parents.

Just a few ideas,

Happy New Year!


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levels of responsibility

We have something called "levels of responsibility," which is something that our related arts teachers do with the kids. I will have to dig up the papers that describe the process and share them with you. The is actually a developed philosophy and program.


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Our librarian

has a library curriculum that she is responsible for teaching and assigning a grade. She can also put behavior comments on the report card the same as a classroom teacher.
Our Art teacher hands out "classroom stars" for behavior. At the end of a given time period she has a treat for the class with the most stars. She sends a paper star back to the classroom to hang up, of course the classroom teacher encourages the students also. My class received the reward the last round. I had no idea what the treat was--they were given soda pop, and a bag of candy at 9:15 in the AM???????????? Good thing I had a laid back activity planned otherwise I would have gotten nothing done.
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