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Special Ed Referral Process?



I have a student that I believe needs special education services; that is, resource help. But our school doesn't seem to have a referral process in place!

Is this typical? What is the usual process? I will follow it if I had one. Any of you have a process? Could you share that with me so that I can go to my principal with a plan?

Thank you!


Our school has a resource teacher and a definite plan here in CA. Even our smaller schools without an on site resource teacher, follow this plan and students qualify for services at their site or are trasferred to a site with a program if they so choose. Teacher fill out a form requesting an SST meeting (Student Success Team). The principal and resource teacher review it and schedule a meeting. At that meeting parents, teacher (current and former), counselor, speech therapist, psychologist, any other interested parties discuss strengths and weaknesses. If the team agrees that the weakenesses and/or behavior warrant testing, it is scheduled within a time frame.(30 days??) Then another meeting is held to go over the results. Then a plan is put in place for future learning and papers signed if any change is to take place. The first thing that happens at this meeting is the parents are given a copy of their legal rights. I believe this process is to be followed legally for all parties involved. Our process has been refined and is very specific now. However, there was a time when it was not so specific. But, I believe there should be a process in place. In the meantime, I would be documenting your observations, making notes about modifications you have already tried and a list of the child's strengths and weaknesses as talking points as you work through the process. Keeping work samples is helpful too. You are familiar with your expectations, but the other people at the meeting are not always knowledgeable about what work is expected at each grade level.You are right to want to get services for your student, as needed.