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Special Education Get-Together!


Hi Special Education teachers! <!--apple-->

Join us for a back-to-school get-together with other Special Education teachers right here on the Special Education board.

Tell us: what is special to you about teaching Special Education? Also, feel free to share anything you'd like to share about yourself or your teaching interests. Let's see who we have here!

New Members welcome!


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Why I Love Special Education

I am a second year teacher for K & 1st in a district that heavily focuses on the inclusion of all kids to the maximum extent possible. I am working on my master's degree and trying to learn all I can because teaching is a very difficult skill to master!

Special Education is my favorite area in education because I work with such unique kids! I have always loved people that think differently and I realize all kids are unique in many ways but my students are exceptionally gifted in being unique. I feel like I learn so much by trying to see things from their point of view when trying to find the best ways to teach new concepts. Everyday is a new and exciting challenge and I know I am growing so much as a person through this work! It is SO REWARDING!<!--hearts-->


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I love that my kids feel like they have a safe place to learn and feel successful! Keeping my kids for several years in a row helps build great relationships with them. My kids are quirky, unique and full of potential. I also love when their gen. ed teachers get to visit our room and see the great things the kids are doing and what they are really capable of. :)


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What's special about SpEd?

The BEST part of being a SpEd teacher is helping my students learn how to be successful in school. As a 5th/6th grade teacher, my kids come to me with years of academic struggles under their belts, and frequently have stinky attitudes because of this. Having the freedom to let them work at their level leads to them figuring out that they can learn, that school isn't a race, that their ideas and thoughts are valuable, that they can control their behavior even when they get upset, that they can politely ask for help when they need it. It's magical!


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I'm headed into year nine teaching a self-contained class of middle school students with significant disabilities. I'm so grateful that this is what I get to do for a living. I love, love, love seeing kids, who the world doesn't appreciate, grow leaps and bounds despite what they're supposedly capable of. I like the challenge of figuring out what works best for each student and designing a curriculum just for him/her. We're headed back on Tuesday, and I'm pretty excited to get started. <!--apple-->

(But don't get me wrong - some days are crappy and hard, thank goodness for wine! LOL)


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Special about Special Education

This is my first full year of teaching SPED. I went back to school for my masters degree after working in a variety of different jobs for years. Special Ed. is so special because my students have the best attitudes despite their daily struggles. I am able to develop deep relationships with parents and students because we are working together to bring about positive learning in our children.

I love the challenges that I experience daily. I've already cried when I heard a student say the name of a letter after 4 weeks of instruction! Small improvements are so special to me.


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The best of both worlds!

I began teaching special education in a middle school self contained classroom over 8 years ago. Prior to that, I had substituted at all grade levels. I have been so blessed to be in the classroom with these young people. I am so biased when it comes them because I do not ever want them to feel left out, mistreated or invalid. Every accomplishment is celebrated, every behavior becomes a teachable moment, each day is filled with laughter, some tears, and so much joy. I lost a child at three to a TBI, and I vowed I would take care of other children the way the nurses took care of her. I will not lie and say that teaching this group does not come with its unique set of challenges, that schools provide resources , and that parents are involved more; but I wouldn't trade teaching this group of students for any other student in the school. They are my extended family. Many times I feel like we are looked at as the teachers who do nothing on campus, but when my students rode in the homecoming parade and went to prom, the sense of belonging they felt can never be replaced. Parents, staff, and community acknowledging their being included; priceless.


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What I like about teaching special education is giving my students confidence in themselves and helping them focus on their strengths. I love being able to work with a smaller group of students that I can really get to know and better be able to help them learn. I teach middle school, so when I taught reg ed, I had up to 130 students at a time and I didn't feel like I could really get to know all my students. This will be my third year teaching special education.


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I teach a 7-12 resource room,so I have some students for six years. I like seeing how much they mature and grow over the years. It is always a great feeling when they no longer qualify for services, and are staffed out!


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I love teaching Special Ed.

As a primary grades Special Ed. teacher (K-4 and sometimes K-5), I feel very fortunate to be able to teach "my kids" for (often) many years in a row. I get to see some amazing growth and even some students exiting my program, which is what we live for. I love teaching in small groups because I get to know my students very well. When given enough time (Never, LOL) I love creating individual lessons for my students. I wish we didn't get such a bad rap. That is one thing I work to change. I don't argue, but set an example of what a good special educator should be. We have a lot on our plates and on top of it, we're (in my district anyway) expected to do everything a gen. ed. teacher on our grade level(s!) does as far as training, evals, paperwork, meetings, etc., even though it has nothing to do with our day to day jobs. There is just a major lack of understanding.

Despite all of that, I feel that my job is probably much more rewarding than a gen. ed. teacher's job <!--apple-->.
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special ed teacher 3-5

I love being able to work at my students current level of functioning and getting more in depth to learning about the children. I feel that I am able to build a great rapport with all students to make them feel respected and capable of fitting in with the surrounding community. I love talking to mainstream teachers about what makes our kids click to make mainstreaming more successful for all involved.


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Special ed

I have taught special ed since 1997. It has always been a challenge but the rewards are huge and worth the effort. I love that feeling when a child has been working on one concept for a year or more and FINALLY the light bulb goes off and they get it!:) i love how i have a little more freedom in my class to do the creative and interesting things that i love, to meet the students' needs. I especially love bringing out my students' strengths and helping them see the best in themselves<!--apple-->


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Putting the SPECIAL in SPED

I love teaching special ed because I get to see amazing gains, work with the coolest kids, and make a real difference.

I got into special education because, when I was teaching music, I got to see how much growth the truly profound kids were making just in the music class alone! They loved music and they truly loved being there.

The kids I work with now are the kids that people have given up on. What a horrible feeling to think that so many people think you're annoying or unteachable. I don't believe that is the case at all! I get to work in small groups with these kiddos and truly make a relationship with them as well as their families. It's amazing what a child can do when they know you believe in them.

The best part of my job is knowing that I've truly helped a kiddo learn. They come back to me years later and remember me because I loved them and I helped them when no one else knew how. These kids are the most amazing kids in the district because they have to work ten times harder than any other kid just to make it through. I'm astounded by my students every day!

Teaching special education is the most amazing, and rewarding, job on the planet. I can't imagine teaching anything else!!!!!


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I love Special Education

I am entering my sixth year teaching students with special needs! I started a new job teaching students in grades three through five. This is a shift from my five years of experience with Kindergarten and first grade.

Over my last few years, I am most passionate about coteaching with the general education teachers, so our students have the chance to be included! I am a big believer students NEED to be in their general education classrooms to meet their full potential!

I am in love with the variety of strategies and teaching styles the students are exposed to through the coteaching model! In this environment, we are all able to learn from each other! This has been one of the best shifts in special education to date!

I am excited to be providing services to my students in cot aught environments because I love seeing my students success in the classroom with their peers!


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I'll Tell You What I Love!

I love it when we're sitting in professional development being trained on some SUPER NEW TEACHING TECHNIQUE/PROGRAM and I immediately recognize it as an OLD SPECIAL EDUCATION TECHNIQUE/PROGRAM. I immediately have to make the point that I've already been doing this for years and I get this look from the admins.<!--arrow_red--><!--eyebrow-->:confused:

I know some like to look down upon the special educator, but little do they know that we have the background that drives their NEW DISCOVERIESLOL. That is why I love doing what I do.


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To me, special education gives my students

a place where they can learn at their own pace with exactly what they need to be successful. The thing that keeps me going is when students have been stuck on one concept for so long and then they have their "ah ha" moment. I live for those moments.

Our district has been back to school for almost a month now. It seems that over the summer our district sped directors have made many changes to our IEP timeline procedures among other things. This has been a very busy year so far. <!--schoolbus-->


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I teach a self-contained 4th - 6th grade Special Day Class. I taught a primary SDC class one year and for 20 years I've been teaching the upper grades. Some of my students are with me for 3 years, some for 2 and some for only 1. I am fortunate to be able to see students go from 4th to 6th, maturing and gaining school skills. I see their difficulties as a puzzle to figure out, so things are never boring! Teaching students with learning challenges is very fulfilling and challenging.


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A Few of My Favorite Things

I am an SLP. I have worked for 6 years with preschool to 4th graders. This year I am making the jump to middle school <!--eyebrow-->I find such pleasure in working with a student on a particular concept and then "catching" them figure out what we have been discussing. I especially love it even more when their classroom teacher tells me the student understood it in front of their peers! It is moments like these that make up for all of the hours I put into making materials for my students and spending time on the paperwork.

I enjoy the collaboration that comes with being in SPED. It is almost impossible to do our jobs in isolation. I work so closely with the school psychologists, academic special ed teachers and regular ed classroom teachers. It is great to put the puzzle together and look at the child as a whole student.

Have a great school year everyone! <!--schoolbus-->


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I like the small groups and one-to-one aspects of working with sped students. This way, I get to know my students better!


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Special SPED

My students sometimes have great challenges, but they usually don't realize it! They are the greatest reward!


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I was a ECSE teacher for over 20 years and really loved it. Of course, the best part was working with the little ones and watching them grow and learn and celebrating their successes.


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I am special education certified, and briefly taught preschool sped and a K-6 resource room. I also taught gen ed K-12 for various things and worked as a school counselor. I got my certification as a school psych years ago and have been working in that capacity for a while.

What I love about special education:
As a school psych, I work with all the sped teachers and classrooms. I love seeing parents year after year and reveling in their children's growth and helping problem solve the difficulties. I love working with the sped teachers because they know their kids so intimately and we really work as a team to help increase growth in behaviors and academics. I love working with the preschool sped population because so much change happens as they acclimate to school, and it's so eye-opening for parents. Helping them navigate the school system and understand what is going on for their kids gives me pleasure.

Without sped, I wouldn't have the job I love!


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Special education

I teach third grade special education and I co teach math and Reading. I think what is special is the adventures and getting to know each and every student. You get to know them more in depth than a larger classroom. I also enjoy co teaching and helping my students develop relationships in those classes.


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Teaching Special Education

I have been teaching 14 years and have spent the last 4 teaching Special Education. I think the best part is accepting children that may not have found acceptance in the past, challenging them, and watching them grow. Teaching special education is a challenge but can be so rewarding as well. I love working to develop techniques and strategies to help students find success in academics and socially.


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This is my first year of teaching special ed, and already two weeks into the year, I am already having mighty big improvements in some of my kids. I have had one that has went from a D student to making almost all A's so far. I love teaching my kids and seeing them grow.