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special gift for ST?


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I have an absolutely awesome student teacher in my classroom this semester! I want to do something really special for her when she leaves. I thought we'd have a "teacher shower", and I'd have the kids all secretly bring in teaching supplies to put in a cute bag with her name on it. But, what can I do for her that's just from me? I want it to be special and something that she'll use and always remember us by. What do you think? Please post any ideas for me!


Something special

I like to give my student teachers something for their desk with their name on it. They have terrific items at Flea Markets, where everything can be personalized. They usually love that. I have also had gifts made with the class picture on it. Check into stores that personalize gifts. A few years I designed a scrapbook. I took pictures all semster and then put them together with notes from the children and quotes. They have always come out beautiful and well appreciated. Hope this helped.


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student teacher gifts

1. give her something that you couldn't live without (special bell, whistle...)

2. have the kids make her a book that you bind--with each student writing a page about what they learned from her and their hopes for her.


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what I got

I got a key chain for my first classroom key. It had an eraser on it. The teacher who gave it to me put a nice little note about how this was for the keys to my first class. I thought that was the neatest graduation gift of all. It wasn't much, but it meant tons. It was like her saying in faith that I would get a job. I also got a basket with lots of pens, pencils, an e-z grader, and some books in it.


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To go with the book idea...Have each child trace their hand and color it/write on it/ whatever. The Title can be "You've had a HAND in our learning" I did this for our principal when she retired.


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books for her library..... name plate for her desk...... nice pink gel grading pen..... nice bag to carry papers to and from school.... a Captainls chair (it has a back to rest her back and is high like a bar stool so she can lean againist it or sit and the students can see what is going on and she can see the students.... Tell her to make a copy of anything you have that she thinks she might use in her classroom


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give useful gifts

Think of her as a collegue. A book from the kids is nice, but it won't get used. Easy graders, copies of all your favorite forms, parent letters, etc. in a nice binder, a copy of a trade book she liked. I liked the poster's idea about the key ring. That's cute. She'll remember you all the time when using any of that, trust me!


make a cd of your teaching resources

Hi an idea I have is burn a cd of all your favourite teaching resources. It will be a great start for her/his career and they will have something to remember you by also. Maybe attach a class photo also.


buying gifts

in highschool i did a co op placement and the teacher got me a dr suess book-Oh the places you will go. She had all the kids sign it too. Its so sweet it was like her saying she thinks ill be a good teacher. its inspiring to me and something i plan to use in my classroom. she also had read this book to my class when we graduated from grade 8. she also gave me a # 1 volunteer pin and a card signed by all the kids. I also have apic of me and all the kids which i just love.

Now im in university doing a teaching placement at a school for the blind. I need to buy my associate something to thank him for passing on all his advice to me. Any suggestions? the only thing i have come up with is a box of chocolates.....(gr 8 teacher)


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How about getting her one of those totes on wheels to lug all of her things back and forth from school to home. You could put the students gifts inside.

Jen G.

Many moons ago...

I got a great gift from my cooperating teacher! She gave me a book by her favorite read-aloud author. She wrote an inspirational message on the inside, then had all the students sign it! It was a soft-cover book, and I've used it so often, I had to laminate it! Every time I look back at it I remember what a special experience student teaching was for me! I have repeated this with the student teachers I've had, and I hope they feel the same!


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Great mug

Last semester, I was a student teacher for a 2/3 split. My master teacher got me a mug from Starbucks with pictures of all of the student in the room and all of their names...so I could never forget. On the mug, they wrote "We will miss you Ms. Boyadjian." I will never forget. I thought it was the most thoughtful gift. Hope that helps!