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"special" grades



We have a music teacher in our school who doesn't know the names of the kids. In fact, she says, "bring me in a list of names from your class and tell me who is who so I can give them their grades." I have a student teacher (first week) who came to me and ask for a list. She asked who each student was then gave them a grade. The music teacher then wrote me a note and said she graded low and I could change any grade I wanted to make it lower if I thought it needed to be that way. I am horrified! This has happened for many years now. But now I have her note actually written on the paper. How can someone be like this? I don't know how the kids are in music class. But since all she does is show a video each week, they can't be very bad.


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How big is your school? If it's really big, it probably is hard to keep all of the names straight, since the music teacher has ALL of them. However, it is the second semester, and she should know them all by now. I could understand more if this were the first quarter. Maybe they all need to wear nametags. :)

I'm not sure what you can do. If I were you, I definitely wouldn't change the grades. She's responsible for them, and like you said, you're not there when the kids are in music. Save the note she wrote in case something comes up later, but I think that's about all you can do at this point.


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We have a special subject teacher who gives every kid in the building the same grade. Everyone is gets an "S" for satisfactory. He doesn't want to be bothered doing individual grades.