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Special Projects for Fluent Readers


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I have three students in my first grade class that can read fluently at a third grade level. I need ideas for some projects/work for them to complete in class while I am working with the other students. Any advice? I would appreciate the help. Thanks!


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Early Finishers/Fluent Readers

You could have the students make books from their journal entries that you have edited with them. I have cute paper for the cover, title page, author page, pages inside, etc. A friend of mine gave them to me. You could create your own. You could also create a book report paper for them. Have them read a book and answer questions about the book--Follow-up with them sharing it with the class. You could also have them work together to create big books on literature or math and illustrate to go along with story. They could write their own version to a story you are reading in class. My school has reading groups for all levels. I have on many occasions sent students to another grade level for reading instruction (of course, with other teacher's approval). I get students from other grades for reading or math instruction also. I also have students go to the library to research topics that are related to what you are studying and have them share information they have found. I also have computer programs for the students to work on....Hope this helps....