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Spelling Bee


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Does anyone have a great source for spelling bee word lists? I need one for Third Grade ASAP. Thanks for any responses.

Alicia G

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Alicia G

Here are some ideas:

1. Look in the back of your spelling book for words the kids should know. Ask teachers in higher grades to look in the back of their spelling books.

2. Search for "third grade spelling list" on the internet. Many schools post their spelling lists for the entire year and you can use those for ideas. Again, for challenging words search for "fourth grade spelling list."

3. Do any of the other third grade teachers have a list you can use from last year?

4. Give each child 10 index cards and ask them to take them home and work with parents to come up with 10 words for the bee. When you get the cards back, sort them from easiest to hardest.

Make sure you have plenty of words, in case the bee goes longer than expected.




sorry.Don't have one.bit i do have a spelling book.!!without spelling words.~.~sorry!!!!!