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Spelling Contract


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Hello, everyone! I was hoping you can help me out. I have been doing a spelling contract with my students for about 2 years now and have found it an excellent way to do Spelling homework. I am looking for new ideas on what I can put on my Spelling contract, so if any of you do Spelling contracts, please let me know and maybe we can exchange what I have for what you have!!


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Here's one

I found this online a few years ago. Then, I tweaked it for my classroom use. I LOVE it! I'd love to see yours, too. :)

Spelling Contract

This is your spelling contract for the week. It is your choice how many activities you complete. Complete one activity per night. Make sure to spell ALL words correctly on each activity.

A grade will be given that corresponds to the amount of activities you complete.
Here is how your spelling contract will be graded:
4 activities = 100%
3 activities = 75%
2 activities = 50%
1 activity = 25%
no contract = 0%

Late spelling homework will not be accepted. This homework is meant to help you study for you test on Fridays. Do not wait until Thursday night to do all of your activities. Waiting will not benefit you in any way.

You can only choose ONE activity from each category.
You MUST CHOOSE ONE activity from the E or F category.

Assignments Category
Alphabetize the list. A
Type the words 3 times each on the computer. A
Write the words and underline all the vowels. A
Write the words and underline all the consonants. A
*Divide each word into syllables.
Write the words and cross out the silent letters. B
Write the words neatly in cursive. B
Make a set of flash cards for studying your words. B
Write your words 3 times each – time yourself – check your work – write down how long it took for you to do it correctly and neatly. B
*Make a word scramble and solve it using your words. C
*Write a synonym for each word. C
Write an antonym for each word. D
Write a rhyming word for each spelling word. (can’t be made up!) D
Build words with your spelling words. Try to make at least 10 new words. D
*Look up your words in the dictionary. Write their meaning. D
*Make up a word search with your words. (must have at least 7 letters across and 7 letters down!) D
*Classify the words according to part of speech. E
Cut the words out of magazines and newspapers and make a collage. E
Write sentences with each word. (Each sentence must contain 7 or more words.) E
Write a newspaper article using the words. F
Write a great fiction story using the words. F
Type a great story using the words. F
Write newspaper headlines using your words. F

*Places to assist you with some of the activities: www.dictionary.com www.puzzlemaker.com


spelling contracts

I have started using a spelling contract just this year and I love it too! I like the ideas you've posted (although I do mine on a points system this year, I may try your idea next year), but I have a question--do you find that it's a bit of a pain to grade these? I have my students turn in their copy of the contract (I give them a new one each week), it has to be stapled to the top of their work with the items they did circled so I can quickly figure out how many points they've earned. I end up with a large stack of papers, and it seems kind of overwhelming to check each of them. I'm looking for a better system on that I guess.


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Cover Sheet

I require mine to make a cover sheet listing the spelling activities for the week and their point value. This is their responsibility and they must add up the points and list the total. This saves me a lot of time.


Spelling Contract Activities

One of the ones I do is to outline the design on a coloring book page with your words (must do at least five times each).

Classify each word according to its part of speech.

We have three worksheets that go with our word lists and the kids can choose to do one or all of them.

Make a word search and have other students solve them.

Use each word in a sentence.

Write the definition of each word.

Not too exciting but some ideas for you!