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Spelling & Geo.



This question may be completely nuts but it is almost midnight!! :) Are there any creative people out there who can help me tie in spelling words to Geo. skills besides finding/writing a place on Earth that begins with the same letter as their spelling words? I don't know if anyone will respond, but it's worth a shot.


Spelling and Geography idea

Teach landforms and spelling.

You will need a blackline master that shows several different landforms: mountain, valley, peninsula, bay, coast, etc. Put an answer box on each landform where you would normally label the landform and write a different spelling word in each box. Write questions such as these at the bottom:

1. Which spelling word is on the mountain?
2. Which word is in the bay?

Leave the label boxes blank and orally direct or type the question to direct) students like this:
A peninsula is a piece of land that is surrounded on three sides by water. Write your spelling word, snake, in the box that is on the peninsula.

Substitute the landforms blackline master for one of regions, states, or the parts of a map (key, symbol, compass rose, etc).

Have students write spelling words at certain longitude/latitude coordinates.

Find a name of a city/country/body of water on the map that has the same spelling pattern as your spelling word. Beside each spelling word write the word you found and whether it is the name of a city, country, or body of water. Circle the spelling pattern in each word.
spelling word: rAIn Geo word: SpAIn Names a: country
chANCE FrANCE country
fORK New YORK city