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Spelling List

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I need your opinion in regards to my spelling word list. I teach the second grade and our current word list have the following words: job pot nod top not dot fox mop spot hop of on box. These words are part of list 4. In my opinion the words are a bit too easy for the second grade. I think it’s great for a phonics lesson and whatnot, but not for their spelling. I totally understand that it’s only the fourth week of school, but as I looked ahead the words are still too easy. For example list 10 has the following words: lake rock ask pick truck black back bake clock kick. Please share your thoughts on the above. The faculty here are split down the middle. Half think the words are age appropriate and fine and the other feel they are too easy. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed. Thank you in advance


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I guess it would depend upon your student population. For my demographics, they would be way too easy.

I also wouldn't give every single student in my room the same spelling list. I'd differentiate based upon what we use to preassess (Jan Richardson).

Then there are those who say no to spelling lists/tests altogether.

Long answer to your precise question. ;)
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Those are kindergarten words! Waaaay too easy for second grade, even in my district, which is one of the worst academically in the state


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I would give a pre-test on the words. The students who can spell those words or most of them should get a different list. You could use the same spelling pattern just with 2 syllable words, compound words, or words with prefixes and/or suffixes.


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I think it's best to teach spelling rules as opposed to specific words. Then they can learn many more words without just forgetting the ones they memorized for a week.

If you'd rather stick to lists, I agree that those are too easy. It's not a bad thing to start that way and then get tougher, but it looks like they're not getting much tougher. Where are you getting the lists?


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Are you sure they gave you the correct lists? Those are definitely first grade lists in both my old and new reading/phonics programs.


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Spelling list

I also vote for too easy. Second grade word study is predominantly about vowel blends, prefixes and suffixes, and multi syllable words.