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Spelling Lists


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The reading series that my school uses does not have required spelling lists or tests to go along with it. I think it's important that my students practice spelling and recognizing sight words. I've been creating my own spelling lists using high-frequency words from our reading, as well as 1st grade word wall words. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or perhaps a specific list they use for spelling. Thanks!


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an idea

Our spelling list is 6 words that belong to a word family (-at, -an), 2 high frequency words, and 2 words that belong to the other phonics skill of the week (ex. sled, slip - s blends)

It works for us!


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Our school district uses Saxon Phonics, and it has spelling lists incorporated into it, BUT, I do not use that one. I create my own lists, using phonics skills that we have learned the previous week. We also add about two to three sight words to our spelling list as well.


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Since our school switched to Harcourt reading program last year, we've been using their program. Before that, I used to take 5 words from their writing that they were close to spelling corecctly. This worked, but each child had their own spelling list. (can be a hassle!) I had a parent come in on Fridays to test each child. In other years, I used Evan-Moor's spelling for grade 1 (I think it was grades 1-2). I really liked this book/program A LOT because it gives you reproducible activites for each day of the week that included word sorts, writing practice, etc. You might want to check it out! (The words focused on a particular phonics skill)
Hope this helps!


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I use 5 words from the 100 high frequency word list each week (easier ones first, like a, is, the etc and then leading up to more difficult ones such as because). We then add them to our word wall. I also give them two bonus words which are basically two words we've had previously. It tends to work for me.