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What do you do for spelling? Our school does not have spelling program that all teachers use. We all are doing our own thing and I am not sure how effective that is. I would love to hear what everyone else out there is using!


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Individualized Lists

We (mostly me but a few colleagues too) are using individual spelling lists. I am following the example here. A few of my colleagues have modified it to fit their desires. I'm loving it! It is totally relevant to the kids and they are getting the words they need. They are also remembering after the test! yay!

Our school doesn't have a school-wide "program" either but the principal is very supportive of this individualized effort.

Hope this helps you! I've got more info if you want it.


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I choose words from the stories in our reading book. We spend a week on each story. I try to make sure it is words that the children will need to know how to spell in their writing pieces for the week.


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Individual Lists

My team each uses different lists mostly, but we all use the Top 150 words that every 3rd grader should know (I'm not sure where it came from). We use 5 words every week plus add 5 more that come from our text for that week. Another teacher does individual lists for each student. She has them write for the first 2 weeks and then picks 10 words out of their writing for their list. I'm going to switch to her method either at mid year or next year. I think it's more effective b/c if the student is using it in their writing, then they need to be able to spell it correctly.

Polly J.

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Sight Syllables

I teach spelling by sight syllables we learn on our phonics board. (Some have meaning, some do not). For instance, one week we might focus on words ending in -ble, -ple, -tle, -dle, and -gle. Once that is mastered, we might focus on -tion and -sion, or mis, -y, -er, -ed and so on. It is rather sequential, but it is a "program" I made up. I can send you my list of sight syllables if this interests you.

Also, every week I put 3 sight words on the list too. Still trying to master those!


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Words Their Way

My district just adopted Words Their Way. I like it...lots of work the first year to make all the games and needed materials...will be several years until I think we will see the growth in our students. So far, I am impressed.