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Sponge Activities



Hi, I am looking for any great sponge activities that you experienced teachers may do! Any ideas?


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I have a file of

10 minute fillers, I am attaching it. Hope it helps.

Also, are you a member of the Evan Moore newsletter. It gives one ten minute idea each month for differeent age groups.
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Interested in sponge activities

Hi, I too would like to read about your 10 minute sponge activities. I tried to open the attachment but I wasn't able to. Could you let me know how to access the ideas? Thanks.


I think.....

that you have to be a member of Pro Teacher. It's easy to get an ID and you will be able to access files and such. Notice that I don't have one either though. :) I tried to open files and am pretty sure it's b/c I'm not signed up.


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I teach 3rd grade, and I have a blown up beach ball in my classroom. Any time that we have a few moments I grab the ball and have the kids stand up behind their tucked chairs. We use our ball for many different things. We sometimes do review, or tell one thing you learned today, or multiplication problems, or review vocabulary, etc. The kids get so excited about the ball, and they learn a lot by listening to the other students.


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The document I posted is written with Word so you would have to have that program to be able to open it. As to having to be a member, I do not know. It could be that you have to be a member to access those files. I would be willing to e-mail the file to a few people, but only if you are not able to access it above because it can be very time consuming to fill all the requests that one can get with these type of offers.

Also, I think if you go the Evan Moore site you should be able to find a way to sign up for their newsletter. I will look later today and see if I can find the direct path for you.


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Newsletter sign up

Ok go to the following site


On the left hand side of the page is a box to put your e-mail address in to sign up for the weekly newsletter. It is that simple. I think you will live it.

Evan Moor also has a great service that lets you look through the pages of all resource books that they sell. It is super. You get to read through the whole book before you buy it!!