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Spring Break Thank God!!!


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Hey All,
School is out from April 10 -18. I am going to get some much needed rest. Even though I do not get paid for those days, I am so happy to get a break from the students.



Since I sub in four districts (to make sure I work a full day everyday) I only will have off April 14th. Carefull selection of the districts means I will sub about 190 days this year.

Enjoy your vacation.


Spring Break Too

Not only do I have Spring break this upcoming week, but I have all but one day off the week after because I have to go out of town for a teacher job fair (wish me luck). I won't mind a couple days off, but I'll be ready to really return to work on April 24.
By the way, I think I've decided to take the final week off because I feel that the classes are going to be especially wild and that nothing productive will be done (I'll reconsider if I've already had the class). Have any other subs on this board worked the final days of the year, and how did they compare?


worked last day of school once

I worked the last day of school one year, subbing in a first grade class. I had the class many times and had become very comfortable with this class. The last day of the year was the kicker though. No big issues, just chaos. Really, I had little control that day. Kids were all over the place. I was so happy it was an informal day, and a short one at that.


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Spring Break

I wish all the wonderfull sub teacher everywhere all the best and a very Happy Easter if you celebrate. You all do a difficult, underpaid, unapreciated
job. For me is about loving the young mind and being on stage all the time. Like a Broadway actress.