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St. Louis, MO


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DH, DD 6, and I might plan a short trip to St.L next week during spring break. We're thinking 2 nights, maybe W and Th. It's a little more than 6 hours to drive from where we are. We want to do the Aquarium for sure. (maybe the Magic House, zoo (probably too cold), shopping? I won't do the arch due to my heights fear)

I wonder if we could maybe stay just one night, or are we absolutely crazy to even consider this? 2 nights would feel like a vacation, where 1 night would feel like we're driving to and from the aquarium.

If we do go, is there anywhere we HAVE to go, or avoid?

PS...I don't like to travel at all (I hate getting somewhere and I'm cheap), but I want to GO somewhere, so I thought 2-3 days might appease me! I also want DD and DH to be happy! We can afford this little get away, so we should give ourselves some experiences.


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Magic House/Grant's Farm

If you have kids the Magic House is amazing. Also, if it's nice out Grants Farm is awesome. It's hands on and the kids can get up close with the animals (if you ride the trolly you might have to stop and wait to let the animals pass:D).

Those are the 2 places I love in St. L (well, plus my parents' house but they're not really open for guests. Well, my mom probably would. She's like that. <!--giggle-->).

If you have the time, take 2 days especially for 6 hours (and I'm guessing it's a boring 6 hours).

P.S. I think I remember getting a teacher discount to both places so you might want to check when you go-you might save some $$. ;)


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The arch has a museum at the base and is free. I am also afraid of heights and my family talked me into going up. I kept my eyes closed going up and down. As much as I hated it I have to admit it was an awesome site. I had them take a picture of me to prove to others I was there and because it will never happen again. There is a museum downtown called the St. Louis City Museum that is in an old warehouse. My kids loved it. There was a lot of climbing they could do, slides, mini circus and a lot of interesting things for the adults too. There is a roller coaster on the roof. The zoo is free except for a couple of exhibits. The Science Museum is pretty good too. These are the places my kids said when I asked them what they liked when we were there. Have fun.


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My list of things to see with a DD age 6 would be:

Grant's Farm
The City Museum
The Zoo
The Arch

We went to St. Louis as a vacation between Christmas and New Year and the Zoo was chilly. I think temperature wise you should be fine. We have been having some warm temperatures here in the midwest.

Even though you don't like heights there is a neat museum and I am sure your DD would LOVE going to the top with her daddy. It would make an awesome memory!
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we enjoyed

Staying at the Drury Hotel St Louis Union Station. They have a kickback time with complimentary beverages and popcorn, and a great breakfast included in price. It is in across from historic Union Station. It seemed very family friendly and very helpful.

I am afraid of heights but because the arch is enclosed it didn't seem that high. I'm glad I took the chance and went up.


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Grants Farm is free, but you pay to park so no discount needed there...but it has seasonal hours, you might want to check their website.

City Museum is awesome, and the Magic House is neat too, but lots of times, overly crowded. Our zoo is FANTASTIC, and FREE, you just have to park in the park, or pay to park in the lot....Arch museum is free too, it does cost to go up. I don't think the height thing would be a big deal, you're not hanging off the side or anything....but if you are claustrophobic, I'd skip it. Union Station has several great places to eat.

p.s. if you go to the Zoo, the Science Center is just on the other side of the park. Also in the park is the history museum and art museum. I believe there are all still free, unless you want to see a special exhibit. Kids love the science center


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The other posters have mentioned the big attractions. No one has offered you advice on where to avoid. Stay out of North St. Louis - gang activity there. DON'T stop in East St. Louis, Illinois for any reason. If you make a wrong turn and find yourself headed there keep going on past it to find a place to turn around. Extremely dangerous over there.

I recently took my 5 year old grandson to the National Transportation Museum (bring your teacher's id and you will get a discount on admission) - lots of trains there to see. We went to the World Bird Sanctuary near Valley Park - free admission. They have many birds of prey there. Right next door to that is Lone Elk Park - donation admission. It is a drive through park where you can see bison.