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St. Patricks Day/March



I am a sixth grade learning support teacher and I am looking for a bulletin board idea for the month of March. It also needs to display student work. I did one with graphs for Valentines Day and the kids really got a kick out of it. Does anyone know any fun March bulletin boards that involve student work? Thanks


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Rainbow bulleting board

How about a white background with a big rainbow sprawling across the top of the board? Make the rainbow with paper chains in the appropriate 6 colors. Display your student work beneath the rainbow with a small pot of gold attached to the corner of each paper. The caption could be "Golden Work". You could also mix in a few leprachauns.



I'm Working On A Bulletin Board That's Grade Level. Having No Luck! But I Thought Of A Neat One For Older Kids. Have The Kids Trace Their Shoes Labeling Them With Their Names. Write Marching For Success As The Title. Have Them Earn 4 Leaf Clovers For The Laces As They Continue Improvement Through The Month.

c hatfield

Marvelous March Work

I used blue paper for my background and shamrock border. My title was, Marvelous March Work and I put shamrocks around it. I then placed student work on the bulletin board. This idea is simple, but very neat and festive for St. Patricks Day and March.


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March Madness

I know this is late, but maybe you could tuck it away for next year. I saw in our Middle School, a teacher who had purchased paper plates that looked like basketballs. She pushed them inside out, which made them plump up like balls and put a students name of each with their work below it. It was great...and looked very creative.