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St. Patrick's day



Hi, I am a first year teacher and am looking for cute ideas for St. Patrick's day for my kindergarteners! Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

Ms. L

Green collage

I have my students bring in about 15 small items from home that they will glue on at school with some other green items that I have. (pom-poms, green letters, foam shamrocks) They glue their items on large pieces of construction paper and they make a pretty display. It's fun to see what different items come in also!

Ms. H

St. Patrick's Day

You can do a graphing activity using Lucky Charms marshmallows. I am having my students make Ireland's flag. Playing Irish music is a lot of fun to listen to and try to dance to. The Kindergarten classes at my school send home information to make a leprechaun trap and magnifying glass. We all go on a leprechaun hunt on St. Patrick's Day to find Lucky! Class moms come in whiel we are out of the room to make a mess as if Lucky was in there and they leave special green snacks for everyone with a note from Lucky.

Hope that helps!


Senior Member
art projects for St. Patrick's Day

We make Leprechaun hats for the kids to wear (just like the Pilgrim hats for the boys, but they are green with a black band and a gold buckle). We also make Shamrock Hounds. We make large or small green shamrocks. Then we make eyes, nose, mouth and tongue (sticking out) with a bone its mouth. One other activity that we do with our eigth grade buddies' help is to make a rainbow coming out of a cloud with a pot of gold at the end. They are very bright and colorful. I hang those from the ceiling. These are all made out of construction paper.


Senior Member
St Patrick's Day

I do soda bread tasting.
We also go on a leprachan hunt with a treasure map and everything.
I also do the graphing activity with lucky charms.
Our school has declaired it "wear green" day.


New Member
potatoe measuring

We read the book "James O'Rourke and the giant potatoe" and then we measure how tall we are in potatoes. After making predictions for their number. they lay down on the floow with a partner and measure out a piece of adding tape paper to their height. They mark their height and then lay potatoes and to end onthe paper strip to find out their number.
Then on the strip they write "I am _____ potatoes tall." We do this in small groups so that I do not have to purchase so many potatoes.

mcman 06

Leprachaun fun

Our class has a leprachaun that comes and visits a few days before St. Patty's day. He leaves the morning message for the class, and leaves notes for the kids around the class. His name is Jimmy O'Leary. I even wrote a short picture book about him, so the kids understand a bit about leprachauns.

I stilll have older students drop by my room around this time of year, to see if Jimmy O. is still coming.

On Friday, Jimmy O. leaves "Leprachaun Dip" which is really pistachio pudding. We chant a magic chant, pour in a bit of milk, and watch the dip turn green. We send home a copy of the recipe for them to try at home with their families.