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Standards Based Report Cards


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How are other resource teachers handling grades now in districts that have converted to a standards based report card? Before the general ed teacher and I would average our grades together for their overall grade. Now the district is demanding that their report card is at their grade level (not their instructional level), therefore they are getting 1's and 2's on everything because they are not on grade level. Wondering how other districts are handling this?

Also, my biggest struggle as a resource teacher is communicating with the student's general education teachers. I have always focused on their skill deficits at their instructional level and doing research based intervention to target them. I always tried to spend one day working on skills their class were working on. I have so much trouble getting the teachers to cooperate with me or let me know what is going on in their classrooms. Does anyone have any good ideas? How much time do you spend on their work in their gen ed classroom? I REFUSE to do homework!!!


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Standard based report cards, etc

Our district started with them 3 years ago. They started slow - with just kindergarten and first, and have moved up to 5th grade this year. I used to be like you, and collaborate on grades. Now it is the gen ed's job. I do the IEP report cards. Yes, the children do get all ones and twos. That is how they compare to their peers. I think it is easier to look at than seeing D's and F's, and it does give a true picture of their skill level.

Communication with gen. ed teachers is something that needs to be constantly tweaked. I find that the teachers let me know what they are doing in math, skills and pacing, and usually want help in supporting their daily assignments. It is a struggle to try and get in time to work on skill deficits.
Reading and writing are completely opposite. They do their small group thing, and I do mine. I know what the skills maybe for the quarter, from the district pacing guide.


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Gen ed teachers

As far as communicating with the general ed teachers, I would attend their grade level team meetings and try to rotate between the grades oft students. It was very helpful even if I could only stay for part. I'd let them know ahead of time, so I had time to ask my questions and they had time to tell me about upcoming lessons, projects, tests etc. We sometimes talked about the accommodations, what might work for certain students.. I thanked them for their time. If I couldn't meet I'd ask them to make an extra copy of the meeting notes or I'd go get them and copy them. Our principal required notes and an agenda for team meetings to be kept in a binder and a copy emailed to her. If that didn't work, I'd catch them between classes or in the hall.
When they see you going out of your way to be included, they are more apt to remember to include you. Its not possible all the time but I think it was worth it.