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Start Christmas decorating?


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When do ya'll start decorating for the Christmas holidays? My family traditionally starts Thanksgiving night.

Today I put up a lot of lights and completed 3 rooms of decorations. We usually go all out and it takes us at least a week to complete everything. However, with work and everyone being especially busy this year, we probably won't put up everything.

We have a ridiculous amount of decorations? What about everyone else?


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Have downsized

I've actually downsized over the years and gotten rid of some stuff. I had too much and was taking too much time to put it everywhere. We are actually done with decorating but started earlier this year because my son was so excited. We finished last night and I love it. Gets you in the spirit of the holidays. Have fun!!


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We are working on it today. I expect to get the inside done today and the outside tomorrow. My favorite tree is a small one in the kitchen decorated with gingerbread men and cinnamon sticks with plaid bows. I am trying to decide on a display for the bay window. I just sent DH to the store for more lights for the tree. I had him rent a Christmas movie to watch tonight after the tree is complete.

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My husband, daughter and the neighbor girl are decorating right now. I get so tired of doing it every year so I told them it was their turn. They could choose any decorations and do it however they want. The girls are having a ball. I don't think my husband is but that's too bad. I spent the morning shopping. It's their turn to help.


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Christmas decor

We usually put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, since it is so early, I hate to get my real tree sooner that I usually do.

I had DH get the decorations out of the attic before his surgery last week. Hopefully, he will feel up to getting a tree next weekend.

Not sure if we will do lights outside or not. I am not sure he needs to be climbing on the roof after back surgery and I SURE don't like to climb up high!

I love when we get the tree done and turn the lights on in the evening. Sooooo calming after a busy day!


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I haven't started yet but am in the mood. It is SOOO cold outdoors today that I didn't put up the outdoor things.

I'd love to see that tree described by a PP--kitchen, gingerbread men, etc.

We should post pictures when we finish to share with our PT friends!


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Just started

We were cleaning our house from top to bottom to have our relatives over for Thanksgiving and decided to put up the tree and lights. That's all we have up so far, and I actually kind of like the tree how it is - plain and simple. :) I wonder if I can get away with not putting anything else on it???


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Haven't started yet, but it will be this weekend. Maybe I'll start tonight-- DH has a lot of work to grade so he'll be busy. I used to need help with the tree, but now we have one of those 3-piece, pre-lit ones so I should be able to handle it myself.


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I go all out...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas season...I plan on working on my tree this week and maybe on Sunday putting up the outside decorations...(I had to promise my hubby not to light them until Dec. 1...he is a little of a grinch!:()

It is a "tradition" in our family to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, but it came sooo early this year....oh well, I will get it all up this week!



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We got our tree today and have it standing, waiting to decorate! Yes, we put up a live tree, but I figure, they are waiting outside at the stores to be sold, what's it gonna matter if I go ahead and put it in the house already? I keep the house very cool, and we keep it watered really good. We'll let the branches "fall out"/relax, whatever, until tomorrow, then we'll do the lights, ornaments, and everything else!

Happy decorating!