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starting a summer school program


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Our district wants to do an enrichment summer school program for the first time this summer and I was wondering if anyone would share their setup/model.
We've done remedial tutoring after school, which I personally think is useless because of the lack of structure and design. If I'm going to become involved with this summer program I want to make sure it's put together right and not half-baked.
Thanks in advance.
Just a side thought ~ I've done remediation for so long I don't think I'd know how to do enrichment!:rolleyes:


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summer school

Our summer school program is set up on half days. The students can stay the full day, but don't have to. In the mornings, students are remediated in reading and math. The lessons are much like the regular school year with a lot of teacher led instruction. After lunch students that stay the full day do enrichment activities or have field trips. They often go skating, visit attractions (aquarium museum etc), movies, bowling, swimming or other excursions. I have personally never worked the summer school program. It seems to be a good program that others try to imulate as is our after school program. I know that the whole thing is run off a grant and they seem to be swimming in funds. THey also have an awesome state of the art computer lab. Not sure the grant but I could try to find out if you would like to know.


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Thanks for the info. Our program is going to be funded through a grant also. But I want to make sure that it's a quality program. Does your school have a web site I could go to and get some idea? can e-mail me at -- mrsb203@hotmail.com