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starting from scratch literacy groups/center


Junior Member
Hello, i wanted to start making/doing literacy centers, i would like a new one each week, i am one a tight budget, but i do have some resources, any ideas on where to start, what to start with , and good book ideas on how to make literacy centers....pictures too would be great thanks


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There are a lot of centers you can make without spending money. One is Read and Write the room.....in which you give them something to find...for instance words that begin with the sound of b or words that end in all...whatever.....you give each child in the group a pointer, I found some neat ones in Lakeshore but you can make them with a ruler and a ointer finger from the elison machine........they each have a clipboard and a paper that gives the directions of what you want them to find...and they write what they find around the classroom on their papers. Another center that isn't costly is the poetry center. Each of my kids have a blank book called poetry. They paste a poem that you have covered in the book and illustrate it...there is usually some sort of activity to go with the poem as well. Listening center.....just a book and a tape of book and an activity....list the characters in the story....draw a picture of your favorite part......etc.......I usually have a teacher's choice which can consist of any phonemic activity you want them to practice...for instance this week I am asking them to construct a fist list on what happens at Winter and then use the fist list to write a story. I have tons of ideas as we have been doing centers for several years...Oh...another one is the Newpaper center where children find words they know in a page of the newspaper and circle them.