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starting with new kids .. ice breakers?


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I am starting this week in a new school with a whole new class made up of a few kids from each of the existing 2nd grade classes. I would like to do a couple of fun getting to know you activities this week while they adjust to me... any fun easy ideas?


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Getting to know you.....

Here's my favorite( Thanks Instructor! I'm clueless of the year)Fill a small paper lunch bag with four items that will let the kids know you better. Mine had an origami paper doll, a first place ribbon, a picture of DH and I reenacting, and a current picture of DS. Then I ask the kiddos to bring in the lunch bags I give them and fill it with four object( must fit in the bag, and not alive.). The next day they share the content of their bag. Very easy and inexpensive.Enjoy your new little ones.:)


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get to know you

How about a letter from them to you that gives what they think is the most important information, academically, you would need about them. What do they think are their strengths and weakness'.
Or I had my 2nd graders do a charcter analysis of another student in the class. The premise was describe your fellow student to a new student (you) just starting school.
Good luck! This could be challenging but fun. Keep us informed how it goes.:)