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State test ELA prep

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Let's start a thread to share ideas that our kiddos really like. (After all, our job is to keep them from forgetting!)

1. ELA term bingo - I give the term/def list out to be used and they play in pairs to help recall the terms. (I made my own game from lists put out by our state. I have 2 or 3 sets to cover all the terms.)
2. Quizlet Live - This is our new favorite. Still in groups/pairs to require conversation and thinking.
3. Any related Quizlet activity on their own. My kids are loving the newfound "choices" they have when using this online resource.

What do you use in your classroom?


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This isn't necessarily for test prep but my students enjoy 2 vocab sites:
freerice.com and Bookworm. i figure any time we can spend on word work is a good thing.:)