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Staying After

Mrs C

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Do any of your districts require & enforce a substitute departure time? Three of mine you can leave 10 min after student dismissal, but the fourth one starts dismissal at 2:30pm & not only expects the subs to stay until 3:10pm, the principal more often than not hovers near the main exit to actively enforce the policy (she gets you because you have to turn in your badge & sign out before you leave the building). Once this principal stopped three of us on our way out at 3:05pm on a Friday & took us to task for leaving early. It seems their expectation there is that if you don't have anything to do, you should go ask a teacher if they need papers corrected or something. That last 10 min in that building moves like a tortoise sometimes, as you really don't need half an hour to achieve closure for your day.

Texas Sub

In our district

it is the principal's decision. At some schools, you can leave at the end of the school day if everything is done. There are other schools that expect you to help out another 45 minutes until 3:30 or until they have no further work for you. You might be asked to do car duty or to file books in the library or to help out in the office. I cannot recall ever being asked to stay without having anything to do. That would be really boring. When you ask for work at one of those schools, are you able to find something to do?


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Where I am from there is no requirements as far as I know. I usually stay ten to thirty minutes afterwards. A lot of times when I am subbing in the elementary I leave good notes because there is a lot that went on during the day and by the time you make sure the classroom is clean it is about thirty minutes later. In high school there is not as many notes and I usually leave ten minutes afterwards. That would be boring to stay that long afterwards and have nothing to do. I have never heard of the principal staying around to enforce the rules. It seems to me you should be able to leave as long as everything that you needed to do is done and that the classroom is left in good order. Otherwise if you had to be somewhere it is hard to stay afterwards.


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No required time

There is a time listed on the job when we get them. I try to stay until that time (since that's the normal teacher leave time). However, if I have everything done-the room clean, papers graded, etc I leave. It doesn't take me long to write my note as I have a form letter/note that I fill in throughout the day. I have never had a principal or secretary mention anything about me leaving early.

While I try and hang around until all the buses have left, at some schools I don't. Some schools have extremely late buses and I see other (full-time) teachers leaving. That's usually my measuring stick. If other full-time teachers are leaving then I will leave.

During part of the year, I do after school tutoring at another school. So I am out the door with the last kid on those days. Again, it's never been a problem.

I have NEVER been asked to file books in the library or grade papers for another teacher. I think I would be annoyed if I was (but I would do it). I expect to be treated like a "normal" teacher. I don't see them shelving books in the library or grading papers for other teachers. To me, that seems like taking advantage of the sub. It's not like we're getting paid so well that we need to be used every single solitary second.


staying late

Technically our sub hours are 8:30-3:15 for a 9-3 school day. As someone else said, it's up to the Principal. If you don't have any dismissal duty - such as if you are covering for a child study team day or some lucky special teacher - you are usually allowed to go.

The way they dismiss the kids doesn't really allow for anyone to be done early. Kids stay in the classes until their bus is called, and the latest one can even come past 3:15. Special ed kids have to be walked to the door for their little buses, and most special teachers have duty to watch the buses load, or guard the walker or car pick-up doors. So it's pretty hard to finish early!



If you need to leave early, just ask at the office. I've never been turned down when it's a good reason. Most of the schools I sub in have a teacher dismissal bell. I just wait until it rings before heading out. If you're subbing to earn a classroom position think of the impression it leaves. By the way I am always early to schools whenever I sub. One day I went in and found that I was to make 200 copies of a test (4 pages). Luckily I was there early. Regular sub report time is only 5 minutes before the busses arrived.


Mrs. G

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Paid hourly

Our Principal does not want subs to stay any longer than necessary because they are paid hourly. It seems we are always running low on sub money.


I'll use the Middle School as an example. The recording says the assignment goes until 3PM. However, the kids are dismissed at 2:40PM. I called the woman in HR to ask her if I HAD to stay until 3PM, or would it be possible to leave at 2:50PM. If I leave at 2:50, I can just get home in time to get my own kids off the bus. She said they had reviewed with the Principals that we don't have to stay "late" but that HR does strongly advise us to get to the school half an hour before the students arrive. That makes sense since sometimes it takes that long to make sure you understand the lesson plan, especially in elementary school. I do leave at 2:50PM, and no-one in the office has said anything about it. I was recently asked if I would do a 7-day assignment in Special Ed. I wanted to clarify the hours, to make sure there wasn't a misunderstanding. The woman in HR checked with the Principal and he said I could leave when the kids do (i.e. 2:40PM).

Mrs. C., I'd be curious to know what the daily Subbing rate is at that school where you are expected to stay until 3:10PM. I can understand it more for schools that pay $130 per day, than for schools that pay $60 per day.


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Sub hours

Our pay for a sub is $80 a day with a Bachelors degree (a must have to sub).

Sub hours are the same as teacher hours--8-4. Student time is 8:45-3:50ish. Dismissal starts at 3:35, but doesn't end until 10 till or so. You are being paid for 8-4, you stay for those hours, just like the full time teachers.


A big difference in one Florida county

For middle and high school, you are required to arrive 30 minutes before the first bell, but you can leave right after the students. I think that's fair.
However for elementary school, it is a totally different story. Our scheduled time is from 730-3 (students are in school from 8-2), so we are required to stay one full hour after the students, mainly b/c the "official" teacher workday is also 730-3. After 210, I usually have nothing to do, so I am basically faced with 45 minutes of "now what?". Still, I look at those free 45 minutes as a good opportunity to either study for my teacher exams, look for permanent position, read a book, or even do a crossword puzzle. It's much easier to do those things at the school than at my residence. I can't remember a time when either the office or another teacher requested that I do something else after school has ended, but if they asked, I would help. Because I make sure not to be bored after 210, I don't go to the office and seek extra work to do.
Some elementary schools schedule the sub day from 730-230, but I only get paid 7 hours for those days. Why not get paid an extra half-hour for basically reading/relaxing?
BTW, hearing about the principal standing by the exit door seems pretty pathetic. Don't they have anything better to do than chastise subs for leaving a few minutes early?


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You need to stay during your paid hours

Unless no one notices your early departure and you have done everything including cleaning up, you should stay for the time you are paid. If they are looking for a reliable and trustworthy regular sub, they will notice the ones that stay and show up early. Furthermore, if they need a permanent teacher one day, they will remember those that stayed and find ways to help out. They are always on the look out for someone that goes that extra mile. If it was a reliable sub and someone that they did not know interviewing, it would definately give the reliable sub extra points.


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If I had a principal who did this, I'd just hide in my classroom and wait for someone to come looking for me for help. lol


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I'd fake it ...

Our sub system states the hours of each sub position, so I try to stay to the designated time. However, if there's lots of time left after I've finished grading papers and straightening the room, I'll head to the office to see if there's something else I need to do. The secretary and/or principal (if they're still there) almost ALWAYS tell me I'm free to go. We get paid by the day here, not the hour ... so most schools aren't very strict at all about leaving a little early. Of course, some schools expect everyone to stay till the end ... which is their right. I think it makes a good impression to ask if there's anything you can do to help out. Also, it gives me a chance to have some one-on-one time with the principal and make myself known.
I agree that standing by the door to "catch" early-leavers is a bit excessive. I HATE when the administration treats subs and teachers like they're children. If I worked in that school, there's no way I would volunteer to help out ... they don't deserve that kind of respect. I tell the kids that I respect them if they respect me ... I thought adults already knew about that virtue! I would sit in the room with a pile of papers next to me and read a book. If anyone came looking for me, I would quickly act as if I were OVERWHELMED with all the grading I had to get done!