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Staying home after baby

Chicago Teacher

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After months of conversation with my husband (and lots of pouring over finances), I officially gave my notice today that I will not be returning to my job after I have my baby in May.

I feel sort of sick about it because I actually really like my job and helping at-risk kids. But, at the same time, I am incredibly excited that I am going to be able to stay home with our baby. I am going to do some private tutoring for kids at my husband's school if we need a little extra income.

I know there are some other soon-to-be-moms out there who had been thinking about whether to return to teaching, trying to work from home, or becoming stay at home moms. What did you all decide to do?


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Good Choice

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! I stayed at home for 8 years following the birth of my children and never regretted a minute. In my opinion, they were only going to be little once and I didn't want to miss that time. It's definitely worth any sacrifice you have to make. One of the good things about teaching is that it's a career that can easily be re-entered after time out.



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Congratulations! I am sure you feel the burden has lifted by making your decision. Babies are only little for a short time. They grow up way too fast and you just can't get that time back. I went back to work after my first son was born, and I could not stand it. I was miserable. When my second son was born, I took a three year leave before entering back into teaching. I loved every minute of it. Yes, we had to cut some things out of our lifestyle to maintain our budget but I never regretted my decision to stay home those years. I easily found a job when I was ready to go back and my little kiddo is now in school! Enjoy your little one!

Bonnie gr. 2

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Staying home

I have two kids, now in college. I stayed home a year the first time and 19 months the second. When I left on leave the first time, I thought I would take the two years to which I was entited. My husband was working a lot of hours and I spent a lot of time home alone with a baby. It was hard. As much as I loved being with my child, I missed having contact with other people. So I went back to work. My kids never wondered why I worked. They wondered why others we know didn't.

You have to do what is right for you and your family. Everyone is different and what is right is also different. Best wishes for a happy healthy baby and lots of happiness!


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You won't regret it!!!!

My sweet girl is now 22 months. I wasn't able to stay home, but sure wish I could have. Before her, my schoolkids were "my" kids, but boy does it all change when your gift from God arrives!!!! They grow and change everyday!! At my school, we are on the 9 week on, two week off schedule--I CHERISH my two weeks off and summers with her! You can always go back when your child enters school. Do it, and enjoy every moment!!!


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I would

My husband and I are planning on having a baby maybe sometime next year. I'm hoping that we can afford for me not to work so that I can be a stay at home mom. I think those years are so important for your children, and it will help you identify the important things in life. Not that teaching isn't important, but right now I feel like that's all I am - a teacher - because I think it, live it, breathe it, and dream it. My mom worked, and everything turned out fine, so there's nothing wrong with working when you have kids. I would just prefer to be a mom.