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STEM Project idea?

Educational Technology 


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Hi everyone! I was chosen to present for a community summit in my district. My 4th grade class is doing a 1:1 laptop pilot and the Supt. wants me to showcase a STEM project. Does anyone have any ideas or something they've done with their class that integrated the 4th grade curriculum for a STEM project? I'm at a total loss and I need to get this together in a month because it was just presented to me. Ahhh!


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What about integrating a kid blog (kidblog.com, glogster or maybe even using padlet) with a current unit of study where kids write an opinion or informative piece and comment or respond to each others writing? Kidblog has an option where teachers have to approve comments and is $44 a year. We have google drive and I think I might be able to assign a project like this using google classroom if you have that option.

There are some ideas on this site that might fit, also. https://computerlabactivities.wikispaces.com/Lesson+Plan+Links


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So, this isn't perfect, but how about using literature to work into a stem project. I am sure you can find some online. One I easily think of is the 3 little pigs. Then you have them create a house (of different materials) predict the outcome and use a blow dryer to huff and puff and blow it down.

Then they could continue the design process and make it stronger (redesign) the second time.

Could be adapted for upper grades. OH, it doesn't use the laptops though...HMM...could they design their house online somehow?