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stepsister got arrested



I posted before about my daughter's stepsister. My daughter is 15 and lives with me, and visits her dad and stepmom every other weekend. Her stepsister lives with her dad and stepmom full-time, and is 19. Daughter's stepsister is into a lot of bad stuff- sex, alcohol, smoking, ect. Daughter was out with stepsister, and stepsister was drinking while my daughter was in the car. My daughter was keeping this secret from Dad & Stepmom cause she was afraid they wouldn't believe her. My daughter got the courage and spoke to her dad herself, without me interferring. Don't know how Dad handled it in regards of speaking to daughter's stepsister about the drinking, but I did speak to my ex about this and told him that under the circumstances I would prefer that my daughter's stepsister not drive or be around our daughter unless responsible adults are around. Amazingly, my ex was cooperative and agreed with me.

Well, my daughter comes home from her weekend with her dad's and tells me that her stepsister got arrested for driving while intoxicted. Don't know the details of the situation, but it does bother me that my daughter is around such an irresponsible older stepsibling that should be setting the example for my younger daughter. I know I can't control what goes on at my ex's house, and that they will deal with my daughter's stepsister, but it just gets under my skin that my daughter is exposed to this. Thankfully my daughter is a very responsible girl and doesn't do the things her stepsister does.

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It is very discouraging that your daugther has to experience to send time with her dad however I think that as long as you and her father instill good values in her, that she will be okay no matter what she experiences.


A good head on her shoulders...

Sounds like your daughter is being exposed to too much, but what 15 year-old isn't? They do know all about sex, alcohol, etc. even though you don't condone it. They know probably 10+ times more than you think they do, no matter how much sheltering has gone on. She's seeing the consequences of practicing these things, and she probably is developing opinions that it's not worth going stepsister's route. Kudos to dad for at least cooperating and agreeing for your daughter's sake!


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I read your story...

...before, and I'm allmost glad she got arrested. She obviously never thought twice before drinking at her age, and driving while drinking is horrible. I agree with another poster - its good that your daughter is seeing the consequences of her step-sister's actions.


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Not to worry

I think it's great that your exhusband is supportive, and I also think it's a good thing that his stepdaughter was arrested so that your own daughter will think twice before engaging in that type of behavior. It sounds like from now on they will be supervised when they are together, and your daughter has learned a valuable lesson.


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I think it is great that your daughter was there during this time. She was able to witness the turmoil associated with something like this. It probably made such an impact on her that she will never forget it and hopefully she will continue to have a good head on her shoulders becasue of it. Don't get me wrong I understand that you don't want her around that. I am just saying thank goodness she got to witness first hand the effects of DUI. I think she sounds like a very responsible girl and this only serves to boost her confidence in saying no to peer pressure or stepsister.