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Still Overwhelmed


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I just can't get it together this year. I'm still overwhelmed and it's November. I feel like I don't know what I am doing and I am too tired to do anything about it. I need to move out of my home with my husband and that's all I can think about on the weekend. Grading papers just doesn't seem important right now. (I'll get it done anyway, but my head is hurting!) I just want to go away for a while but that's not happening. ($$$$)
I know I'll get it together, but can I ever get it all done? I feel like I'm just getting by, and that's not fair to the kiddos.:(


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I think a lot of teachers are feeling overwhelmed at this point of the year. Many have not had a day off and I am a true believer in days off to rejuvenate our batteries. I keep thinking I want to go away too, but $$$$ stop me every time.

Are you and your husband moving together, or are you separating?

I have not done any real schoolwork this weekend and even with tomorrow off I will probably only do lesson plans and enter grades in the computer.

Take a deep breath. I've finally realized something always has to suffer, so I choose between school and house, and try to keep family first.


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Mental Health Day

This can be such a busy and overwhelming time of year. I had the same question as the above poster. Are you separating? Regardless, it sounds like you are in desperate need of a "mental health" day. I say, take one...or two. Yea...I think you need two. Taking care of yourself is incredibly important to be your best for your students.
I suggest seeing if you can get a sub for this Friday and/or Monday. ;)


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overwhelmed and exhausted

I had to do it. Physically and emotionally, I was really spent! I took Friday and Monday, today, off for this reason. I just couldn't make it to Thanksgiving. When you feel that badly, you can't be productive, and it's better not to be there.


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mental health day...

I vote you need to take a day off. Though we all know that it can be more work to prep for a sub than just get through a day...you need a day. Sleep in, get a pedicure, breathe. And whatever you do...don't do school work at home on that day. You are taking the day off and everyone will benefit from it!


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I did already.

Can you believe that I already did take a personal day last Thursday and I still feel this way?! I think it did help, but the stress of seperating from my husband is probably making everything so much more emotional. Thanks for all the support, though. I think I'll save those personal days for a week or two when the packing and report card writing get to me so much more. Maybe I'll squeeze a pedicure in!:o