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STing on a half shell


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I will be STing in a 4th-6th grade classroom in about two and a half months. As I understand it, I will ST from 8-12, and then go to the university in the afternoons and early evenings to be taught how to teach.

Other posts have mentioned staying after school for further interaction with CTs, and also getting involved in afterschool activities. Since this is not an option, what will I miss/gain STing half days ? How can I overcome/accomodate what I will miss/have problems with/be unable to experience ?



It depends

There is a definite advantage to staying after school during your student teaching. You get quality alone time with your CT and you are able to attend meetings, activities, etc... However, you will not have that option. I would get to school early, as early as your teacher does. This will give you time to plan with him/her and to discuss feedback. If there are any meetings in the morning, go to them. I would also try to attend any school functions when your schedule allows it. It is not a huge deal that you will not be there after school or your college would not use this type of program. Make the best of the time that you are in the school. Remember, it's not about quantity, but QUALITY.


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I haven't been in my placement very long and haven't taken over the class full time, but from my experience so far my mentor teacher and I talk a lot in the mornings before school when we're both fresh and energized. She likes to get there bright and early, about an hour before the kids arrive, so we usually sit down together then to go over anything I might be teaching that day or any questions I might have. We also talk during lunch as well as the time the kids are at their specials (P.E., art, etc). She also encourages me to e-mail my lesson plans to her several days ahead of time so she can go over them, and then she writes back with any feedback she has on how I can change them, so that could be an option for you, too.

I'm sure when I start STing full time my mentor teacher and I will be sitting down together a lot after school to discuss how the day went, how I can improve for the next day, etc. Since you won't be there in the afternoons, I would definitely make it a point to discuss the day before when you see your CT in the mornings. Depending on your CT, you might also be able to call him/her at home and/or e-mail if you have questions, concerns, etc.

Good luck! :-)