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Stolen wallet



I had an awful evening last night. My fiance had sinus surgery on Monday. Yesterday we had to go to the doctor to get his packing removed. I had to drive him since he is on pain medication. After we left the doctor, he said he was hungry and wanted McDonald's, so we went. I was not even aware that he had his wallet (I paid). We left, came home, both took a nap, etc. Then, at about 6:30, we wanted to get a pizza for dinner and got ready to go out...no wallet. After a frantic search, we called McDonald's...they haven't seen it, they say. He checks his bank account and someone has already been using his debit card. So, evidently he left his wallet at McDonald's, or it fell out of his pocket, and someone dishonest picked it up. He says he doesn't even remember being at McDonald's - he was so zoned out that the first thing he remembers is waking up at home from his nap. However, he was talking while we were there and made perfect sense - I had no idea he was that out of it, or I would have been holding on to his wallet! I feel guilty about this (even though I know it wasn't really my fault), because I was the one who was supposed to be taking care of him. We called last night and cancelled all the cards, and filed a police report. Luckily his social security number wasn't in the wallet, so that is one positive. He is concerned about getting his money back - we have to make a visit to the bank this morning to find out more. They didn't get a lot of money, but we don't have a lot to start with, so any loss hurts. Thanks for listening!


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frustrating situation

I am sure the bank will take care of things for you. I thought my checkbook was stolen a few weeks ago. I was panicked. I called every place I had been the night before and nobody had seen it. I called the bank and cancelled all of my checks. They were great about it and waived the usual fee. We don't have much money either so I was really upset about the whole thing - I even told my class about it because I had to apologize for being grumpy all day. Luckily, I did find my checkbook....it is just so frustrating thinking or, in your case, knowing that someone has so much information about you. I am sure it will all work out.