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Stone fox


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Hello all, my district has designated a book for all 4th graders to read and write to a prompt and for 4th grade it is Stone Fox. I am looking for any ideas or websites you all may have for activites or themes used around this book.


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Good site

Check out Linda's Links to Literature. I'm not sure of the exact web address, but if you Google it, I'm sure it'll pop up. She has activities, links, etc. on TONS of books,.


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Stone Fox

I am doing this book right now with my fourth graders. I bought a Novel Study book that is pretty good. I got it from www.sslearning.com. It has comprehension questions for each chapter as well as grammar activtiies for each chapter. One example is from chapter 1. It goes over compound words and then the students use the book to come up with more. It also has a bunch of activities at the end that could be used at learning stations. Examples are to create a timeline that shows the sequence of events from the story, research dog sled races, paint your favorite part of the story and write 5 sentences to tell about it. Hope this helps.


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Stone Fox

I know this may sound rather simple, but I use Stone Fox first thing with my 4th graders. I use it to teach one and only one skill. We identify Little Willy's character traits, such as hard-working, loyal, kind, etc. Then we find evidence in the book (examples from the text) to support our opinions. I want my students to be able to support what they say and not just throw out opinions which alone are pretty weak. After reading Stone Fox, I can always refer back to it when someone says, "What do you mean I have to have evidence or examples from the text to support what I say?" It's as if they've never heard of such a thing before, but I just remind them of what we did with Stone Fox and the light bulbs go on! It's simple, it's quick, it works, and it's a skill I expect them to apply throughout the year!