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Story elements/character traits..


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What strategy do you think story elements and character traits fall under? This is my next step, but I'm not sure what comprehension strategy they fall under.


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I believe they are woven into all of the strategies.
Making Connections: relating to a character-you connect because he/she feels like you have felt. Or, text to text, when a character is like another you have met
Questioning: Why does a character act the way he does? What is the problem/solution? Why did the author choose a specific name?

Visualizing: Visualizing the character by using the author's description.

Inferring: Inferring how characters feel by their actions; Inferring problem/solution/setting.


Ms. Teacher#1

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Other reading skills

compare and contrast setting, plot, or characters

prediction of plot or charactions actions based on previous actions and character traits.

cause and effect- because these happened in the plot this is what happened next, and so on

I also did lessons on author's message which went into themes which led us now into Main idea and author's intent.

Good luck.