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Straight talk vs WM Mobile


Senior Member
My contract with Verizon is up next month, and I've decided we need to break up. I can get TWO lines of smartphone service for less than what I am paying now for ONE dumb phone.

I am thinking of going with either Straight Talk or WM Family Mobile, and I don't know enough to pick the best one. Can you guys tell me of your experiences?

Also, I'm looking to get another phone...this time a smartphone (my kids tell me I'm the ONLY one who doesn't have one these days). It's time. HA! For me, I'm thinking about the Samsung Galaxy S3. I'd like a second one for a soon-to-be middle schooler. I want something NICE but not TOO expensive.

TIA for some good input! :)


Junior Member
I think Family mobile just uses the T-Mobile network. Straight Talk depends on the phone (if you buy their phone) which network it uses. When I switched from Verizon, the guy at Walmart told me that since I was used to Verizon, I'd be happier with a Straight Talk phone that uses Verizon vs T-Mobile. I haven't had any problems. I've heard that if you use too much data, it gets slower, but I use internet wherever I can. I know people who have Family mobile and they seem to like it, also.