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Street for sale!!!


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Wow!!! What a week. My husband and I finally took the plunge and we are doing a bridge loan to purchase a new home. We want to get out of our neighborhood and have more land. This new home is everything we wanted. We can afford it and we are so excited. The problem? Well, two other houses on our cul-de-sac have been for sale for many months. The neighbor down the road called tonight to tell me that they are putting their home up for sale in a couple of weeks. There are going to be four houses for sale in a row!!!! My luck!!!!! I am just planning on having this house for sale for the rest of my life. Somebody, please give me a word of encouragement. I need it!!!!!!!


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Summers coming and that's when people get out and start buying. Be sure to put it up for sell by spring. Good luck! :)


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Our broker's major sales pitch was to other brokers. They advertised to the public as well, but by really "selling" it to other brokers in the city, our house was in mind. It was shown quite a few times and we had an offer above our asking price in only 19 days. We had been building our new home at the time and had stalled because we needed the equity in the old house to keep it going. Best of luck!


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just depends

I have seen houses in our neighborhood sit for months while others sell in days. Just depends on the house, quality, and price.
Good Luck!

Paul S.

The Market

I am a teacher but work in the mortgage industry financing houses for teachers, so I see a lot with the buying and selling of houses. Basically, depending on the area you live, having several houses on the market is not abnormal and won't probably have a negative affect on your house price.

Despite what people say, the real estate market is still hot, although houses are on the market a bit longer in some areas. For us teachers, owning our house is our saving grace and allows us the freedom to grab the "American Dream". I see this turn out successfully for so many people.

If you need anything, feel free to contact me at psaaty@buenavistafunding.com.