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Student athlete volunteer


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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about getting a student athlete from a local university to come read to my students? I don't even know if it's a possibility but I'm trying to think of something to make our Free Reading day fabulous this quarter. Thanks!

Miss C

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call the athletic dept.

Call the athletic dept. of your local university and ask them who you would need to contact. I bet it would be a possibility. Good plug for the college and that sort of thing. Let us know what you find out!



I would agree to call the AD. You could also call a coach from one of the teams and see who they think. They often times know who would be the best person...that way you don't get someone who really doesn't want to be there.


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Student athletes.....

This time of year it should be easy because of the schedules. Often times they will come with a mascot as well. Ask more than one sport because sometimes you can get several from one sport or a couple from different sports both male and female. We always print some type of bookmarks so that the students can "get autographs" and the athletes love it! Let us know how it turned out.


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Ok... I contacted the person in charge and she told me to email her Monday to see which athletes are around for summer school. Hopefully some of them need to take summer classes. :) Thanks for all the advice! I'll keep you updated.