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Student Council Ideas?

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I'm going to be leading the student council this year, and I need some ideas to help get me started. Our new principal has been talking about having Friday Clubs for 3rd-5th graders, so our meeting time would probably be every Friday afternoon. I'm trying to think of different service projects that we could do for the community, and also some fun school spirit boosters. Any suggestions would be great!


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We do several fundraisers with our student council, but I think the most successful is the monthly "hat day". The kids can wear a hat and pay 50 cents (teachers pay $1.00).

Some other ones include: lollipop day and popcorn day (a lot of work).


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Some of our Student Council activities:
-sell ice cream bars for $.50 one day a week (the get the ice cream from food services in the district - a big money maker)
-organizes / collects canned food drive during the holidays
-about every other month is a special "dress" day - crazy hat day, sports day, book character dat, crazy hair day, backwards day, pajama day, 50s day, 60s day, 70s day, ...
-sells friendship bracelets (from Oriental Trading Co.) for Valentines Day
-goes "caroling" through the hall the day before winter break

There are more ... but I'm not recalling them :s)


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we don't...

sell anything. The kids do arrange and organize the holiday food drive (put a decorated box in each classroom), collect books to be donated, organize slipper day, crazy hair day, they also collect change for big disasters like the tsunami and hurricand last year. Each year they also pick one worldwide organization and do an activity for that.


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I have sponsored a Student Council in the past with 3rd-5th graders. Each class had a boy and girl representative. We met weekly and discussed things the kids could do to help the school or community. The students sold lolipops on Fridays during lunch for a fund-raiser.

The students made posters to promote school spirit and good character traits.

Some community projects were collecting supplies for a shelter (toothpaste/toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, etc.). Each grade level was asked to donate a different item. They were in charge of making posters and announcements to help promote the school food drives. We also had them visit a nursing home during the winter and sing carols to the residents.

On Fridays, the teachers would count the number of students wearing the school t-shirt and record the percentage for their class. Student Council representatives would collect the information, find out which class from each grade level had the most, and give that class the "Spirit Banner" for the week.

For Valentines, the students sold carnations. Students would purchase the flower a week or so in advance. The person buying the flower would have to write down who the flower was for and which class the student was in so that we could deliver them.

I'm sure we did other things, but this is all I can recall at the moment. Good Luck!
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Prezident of 8th grade student council

you should do a cookies for courage
you give cookies to all of your local heros


student council prez.

Go to your school's art room and ask the teacher if the art club or a other class could make some QUALITY pieces of art to give to loval nursing homes if she/he says yes then set up a time with the local nursing home/s to present your pieces. It will bring smiles to all of their faces!!!! :)



i need ideas for council i dont want boring stuff like hat day i want new ideas!


Re: help

Try getting the students involved too. Host a movie night. It was super successful at our school. In the gym or cafeteria set up a projecter and post signs to advertise the night all throughout the middle or highschool. Then pick a movie that most of the students would enjoy and set up consessions. Charge about $2.00 and then like 50 cents for popcorn or soda.

We also had a talent show and a live band play at our school. We try to get everyone involved and it usually leaves no one feeling left out or ignored.

I know, some of it sounds cheesy, but whats not, right? I've been trying for months to think up new ideas for our Council, and NOTHING is coming to me!!! If you have any ideas for me, I'd appreciate them.

Good luck... us Student Council leaders need to stick together! Ha ha



Hey- I'm trying to START a student council at my school- and, yes, I need fundraising ideas. Does anyone have ideas on how to encourage school spirit, make kids want to come to school, and fund "days" i.e. sports day, etc. ? Thanks so much- anything is really appreciated!



instead of doing hat days or somthing boring like that, do a day that girls and guys can participate in as well. For example, have a town colors day so that you can show your spirt for your town



I am running for student council secretary at our school and i need new ideas for my speech. What ideas do you guys have for a catholic school? nothing too expensive or anything, just some basic ideas. thanks!



hey i got a idea for student council you can have spirit day where u can tell students to wear their favorite sports jersey and u guys can have a talent show

liz <333

some good ideas

I know my school has a bunch of senior council members and then two people from each homeroom to represent everybody in that class. But we've come up with ideas:
-food drives for thanksgiving
-coat collection for a local shelter during the winter
-a fudge sale
-nickel war (penny war, just bumped up)
-Mr. & Mrs. Hawthorne (where I live)
-Candy grams - valentines day, Christmas, etc.
-friendship bracelets
-decorating the main hall way with a mural
-Sadie Hawkins dance
-something for teacher appreciation day
-spirit week before pep rallies & that Thursday night kids come in to decorate each of the class' hallways for "Hallway Decorating" people get really into it. then whatever class wins with participation for spirit week and the best hallway gets a pizza party. (it's always the seniors)
-we had a homecoming brunch
-on oriental trading co. they sell rubber duckies by the dozen. each decorated for holidays or sports. sell them around each season and you make a lot of profit. i'm bringing it to my school this week and see how it goes.

if you have anymore it'd be great to switch it up a little bit so let me know.


President of Ontario Middle School Student Co

There are many ideas from canned food to selling Braclets sending a message such as "Ban Bullying" ( like in my school). Hat day, cazy sock day, try setting a record with the whole school.

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council ideas reply

ok so i go to a small school of only about 130 6th - 8th grade and we do about 3 dances a year after school socials to just get together listen to music and talk to you friends. we do popcorn tuesdays. a hat day each month on a friday a dollar a person. We also go to the elementary school down the road from our schools fall festival and do a booth and we split the profits. we do REd Riboon Week and fundraisers and just recently we did a project call Opperation Christmas Child. around thanksgiving we do bake sale Raffles and we also have a thing called THe Price Of Coke! where a local Coke plant brings drinks to our school and student aand parents get to buy them to tak e home for Thanksgiving or we may do it at Christmas. Just today i brought a book where you can order those car magnets with like your mascot and sayings on it and i think we may so that. this is my 2nd year in council but my first as president. Hope this helps!
-Lacy Bratton
BCMS SCA President


Student Council Secretary!

Wow it's so ironic. i am a Student Council secretary for a CATHOLIC school. Of course I was acclaimed right away this year but last eyar I did a speech. First of all, you culd give out little pencils and buttons and stuff. They may be small, but people pay attention to these things. Ask if you can hang up posters in the hall, they really help. For your speech, try to amke sure to mention that people can telly ou their ideas on what should go on i school, and not JUST the president. Like, you are their connection. make sure your posters have cool slogans, cause people remember them! Good luck.



I'm in student council this year, and we have done a lot of stuff this year. we have uniforms so everyone always appreciates free dress or buck-a-jeans. Buck-a-jeans is where you have to pay one dollar to wear jeans and a tee-shirt. Also keep an eye out cuz usually parents complain when you sell junk food such as ice cream or cookies. But they always will buy ur food if you sell smoothies, or fruit, or something healthy.... Always have ideas prepared WAY ahead of time or the principal says no. students always love random things like going from classroom to classroom picking up candy for valentines day or halloween. i hope you liked my ideas!!!!



We have alot of stuff to do like......
1. Ghostly Greetings (Halloween), December Deliveries (Christmas), and Correspondence from Cupid (Valentine's Day)
-They are slips of paper you send out to your friends and you drop them off in a decorated box and on the day of the holiday you get a bag with your name on it and see all the messages and candy inside. We sell them 1 for 25 cents or 5 for a $1. We have made over $500 in the past.



liz<333, i like all your ideas for student council but you should try putting together a debate team and debate about things you disagree on. Have a car wash or do something good for the other students like pizza Wed. That would be so much fun!


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Some ideas

When I helped with council here were some of the projects we did:

1. We had a pet food drive for a local animal shelter. It was a big success. The shelter was very appreciative.

2. We also collected toiletries for a local womans shelter. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, chapstick, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

3. We did a community clean-up around our school. We did this on a day off in the am, cleaning up the park, the baseball diamond and our playground. We had a pizza place donate a few pies for lunch. We bought 5 and they donated the other 5.

4. One of the kids came up with the idea to make buttons for our local team. They had a little table where the kids could design their button and a parent had the machine that punched the buttons together.

5. A school store is also a popular idea. We have one run by our council. The kids love buying the pencils, erasers, grips and what not.
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