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Student Created Books


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I found a publishing company that will publish student books. I ordered them, now I have to figure out what the books are going to be. Any ideas? Each student has their very own book. They are 3rd graders.


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please share

Hi Shauna,

I have been considering having my students use one of their stories for publishing a book. Can you please share where you are able to get the student books published? I'd be very interested in doing this!



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Student Treasures

I believe that the website is studentreasures.com. I'll check and make sure. It was free, all we had to do is send out order forms to the parents. They did not have to order, but they had to send the form back. You know, like Highlights!


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Student treasures

Has anyone on the board done this project before? I looked on the studentreasures.com site. It appears free - except for parents who want to order reprints. How much are these. Is this available in Canada? Please tell me of your success with this!


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I have already

We did them as class books this year. It was completely free and we got one free book. We have to learn about your community and the history of it in 3rd grade. We made Rockwall History books! It was free and a great experience for the kids. ALOT OF WORK!!! but worth it.


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Student Treasures

I teach reading to three classes of 5th graders. All three of my classes published a book with Student Treasures. We did an alphabet book about the city we live in. We live in a fairly small city, so some of the letters were a little difficult. The kids had to brainstorm together and get creative! Each student completed two pages for the book (a colored illustration on one page and a paragraph explaining what his/her letter represents on the opposite page). A few of my students got to do two alphabet letters. The majority of my kids ordered the book, and everyone was very pleased!! :p

The books are hardback, and they were $14.95 each plus $2.95 for shipping/handling. Total cost for a book=$17.90. I'm not sure why they charge the shipping fee because they just ship all the books together in one big box. :confused: I guess it's just another way for them to earn a few extra bucks! If they wanted deluxe binding, that was an additional $4.95. Everyone was so excited when they arrived! As long as you get all the letters back from the kids, the teacher will receive a free copy. Since I did a book with three different classes, I received a free copy of all 3 books. The free copy is actually the original pages, but they have put them in the deluxe binding. It is still very nice.

This is a big project, but it was worth it. I would definitely like to do it again next year! :)


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I think Student Treasures is a wonderful project. BUT... if you want to push the envelope to help your school library... fund trips or whatever your needs call for... you should see what has happened in Philadelphia.

The book is called "What We Want to Tell You..." By The Teen Writers Guild of Frankford High School.

I read the book, wrote a review and now I am championing the cause to our Rotary Club here in New Jersey!

The student book is on all online book sellers web site. (Barnes... Amazon...)

The school got 2,500 copies in the deal.

Young Adult author, ("The Purple Hat Gang" and "Olivia Twist... a quest for the glass half-full)-- Judith Kristen -- gave 20 workshops. With her, these kids learned to perfect their creative works, they edited it, did the rewrites, wrote their bios, had photos taken to be used above
those bios, the created the cover, style, font, layout, etc.

Judith's fee was free to this school as it was her old Alma Mater, but I am hoping to take her and this project throughout our area here in South Jersey.

So, for those professionally bound, beautiful books.... The cost to The Rotary will be 15,000 dollars. AND --- 2,500 books @ 10.00 a piece generates 25,000.

The Rotary will get its money back to help fund another school, and the Judith Kristen aided school gets 10,000 free and clear dollars, PLUS the experience of working with this author, having a book online that will continue to generate funds, the boosting of self-esteem, writing skills to last a lifetime, etc. Talk about a win-win!!!!

I hope you are close to Philadelphia or New Jersey and you can swing something like this for your students.

"O" Magazine has already called about these kids and this project. The Harvard University Book Store is carrying the book, it is being used by Catholic University in DC as a graduate social work course, and it is a Book of Note in NJ, Pa and Delaware. They also recorded a PODCAST last week!

AND--- these kids were not from a pricey Philadelphia Academy. These kids are from Frankford High, a school CNN labeled as one of the most persistently dangerous schools in America!

This project was the best thing that EVER and I mean EVER happened to these kids!

If you have any questions, you can call Magna Diaz at The Frankford High School Library (Philadelphia) 215-537-2519