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Student Gift Exchange


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I wanted to share this idea before everyone begins planning their classroom parties. I have used it the past few years, and my students just love it. Each of my students brings a book for this exchange...a book that either a girl or boy would enjoy.


This website also has some other great game ideas for your class party.


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Fun Idea

Thanks for sharing. I have played this game at a baby shower before and did not think of doing it with books in my classroom. I think I might give it a try this year!


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Book exchange

I've done this for years, but with another story. It is about the Left and Right families. I have copies of it at school, but I believe you can google and find it. I have also done this game when I pass out their gift from me (everyone gets the same book).


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Great Idea

Thanks for the idea and website. I am planning to use this book exchange idea with my class.


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gift echange

I love this left right story. It will be perfect to use for our gift exchange. I have each child bring a new ornament and each child goes home with an ornament. After the ornaments are opened I date them with a marker. Parent love the idea and kids like it too.


Left Right Gift Exchange

we are doing this for my sons 1st grade christmas party. we are using books as the gift exchange. it think they are going to get a kick out of it.