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Student-led conferences



I was wondering if anyone has used student-led conferences for with your second graders. I would like to try it, but all I see is ideas for older grades. If anyone could help me out, that would be great. Thanks!


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student conferences

I have often, before I have a conference with parents, had students fill out a form telling me how they think they are doing, what they like or dislike about our classroom and ask for their suggestions on how THEY can improve their grades.

I use this information with the parents; sometimes to show that students know themselves that they are not paying attention, working very hard, or listening all the time. They can then team up with their child to help them achieve their goals.

It has worked out pretty well for me.


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During our winter conferences I usually let the kids do a small part of the conference. Before the conference I have them pull a piece of work in most of the major areas, reading, writing, math, they are most proud of. They fill out a little form about why they choose it and what they are proud of. Then during the conference they share the pieces with their parents. It is always interesting to see what they choose and why. It works pretty well. I only let them go for half the time because I find that most parents still want that one-on-one teacher time at this level to discuss questions/concerns/problems/progress. Good luck!


student led conferences

Our whole school does student led conferences in the spring. Each teacher meets with the parent and student for about 5-10 minutes to go over grades and test scores. Then, the student takes over and goes to several stations with their parents. During this time, I may have 3-4 sets of parents and students rotating through the stations. Here are some of the stations we do or I have seen others do around the building.

1. We make timelines and then turn those into books. I buy the real hard cover books at the teacher store with money parents send in to get them. They write and illustrate them. They read these to their parents at conferences and discuss the writing process that they have learned. All their drafts and such are in a writing folder too.
2. Telling time station with clocks and times to show their parent that they know and a money station to count out certain amounts of money.
3. Goals station- they write out goals to work on over summer break.
4. Memory books- we make a very detailed memory book of our school year and they share that with their parent.
5. Writing samples from the year that are all put into a binder to go through.
6. Interview station- I put questions for the student to ask the parent and vice versa. Questions are things like...what am I the best in school at, what do I need to work on, how can I help you at home more????

I hope this helps a little. I do model this with teh class during the school day before conferences so they know how to do it. They also get a checklist to go through as they rotate through the stations.