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Student needs speech??


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I have a student that seems to have some speech problems. Her parents want me to see if I can have him tested. well I have to fill out forms on her. She is a very bright student but I do have trouble sometimes understanding her. Well one of the questions is, is her speech interfering with her learning ability? It doesn't seem to be but I don't know if its okay to write that? Then it asks what problems the child is havng in the classroom with comleting her work at the gradelevel)...She completes her work and does it well....biggest challenge is understanding her...How do I write this down so I don't sound like and idiot. Thanks in advance


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I have 7 students in speech, all our kindergarteners are tested. When they are tested we also have to indicate if their learning is on target, or shows potential. If they are low, they may not quailify. One of my students had many tests done to see if he had learning potential enough to go to speech.

We note though because so many of our benchmarks are observational or verbal responses, good speech skills are neccessary. While it maybe not be affecting her mental processes now she could go to first grade not pronouncing words correctly hindering independant work later.

I think I would write about , speech impeeds correct responses to classroom work and hinders assessment.


the reason this is asked is because

the reason this is asked is because it may not be just an articulation problem, there might also be a language problem...when the child has a language problem or a severe speech deficite then often times learning is compromised...if this has not happened with your child it may be because there is just an articulation problem...

this also helps the speec teacher know which speech tests are appropriate to give the child...