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Student of the Week

Mrs. R :)

Senior Member
I am teaching third grade and want to have students be the student of the week. Do you have a letter that goes home each time asking students to bring in "stuff" about themselves? What does your letter say? I am looking for good models.




I do send a letter home telling the date and time I would like the parent to come in. I just saw your message. I don't know how I missed it when it was posted in early Sept. If you want I can mail you a copy of my letter. I ask the parent to come in to tell us about this child. If you are interested please post your address and I will mail it to you ASAP.

Ms. J

Senior Member
I also teach 3rd grade, and I provide students with a large piece of paper which they decorate with pictures, or anything else they choose. On Fridays, they bring in one item to share, and I invite the child's parent(s) in to read a story to the class (or a chapter from our read aloud). I also eat lunch with the child and a friend some time during that week!

I have a letter I send home the week before. Post your e-mail and I'll send it to you if you choose!

Ms. J