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I am at a new school that is big into surveys! UGH! Anyway- the parents have gotten one and the students might be asked questions as well. I would like to do my own classroom survey. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do you have one that I can copy or know of a sight? Which questions should I put in? This is for upper elementary. Am I shooting myself in the foot doing this? I think the kids all like me fairly well but you never know with this age and the persuassion the group has. Also, is this type of thing giving students too much power over their teachers? Thanks!


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Me too! Curious!

I am glad you brought this up, because I was thinking I'd like to receive feedback from my parents this year. I've heard very little from most of them, and positive from a few of them, but I'd like some validation that they think I did an ok job... Is that weird?


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I used this as an end of the year activity in a packet. It's not much of a survey, but I got some cute answers and some I didn't want to read.

Oh my, I just realized I should have changed some "is" to "was" at then end of some of the statements.
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I have mixed feelings about surveys. I also want validation from my kids to know that I did a decent job. In the past, I've had my students fill something out at the end of the year, and some were very sweet. Most of the kids had nice things to say. However, this year, I'm thinking that I'm not going to. I haven't had any major complaints from anyone, and I don't like finding out some of their true feelings about me the last day of school!


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This was great. I am going to use this. THe best part was my name is Mrs. Miller so I only had to change Miss to Mrs. THanks so much!:)