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student related to staff

Mrs. Z in FL

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One of the teachers has a grandson in my grade level. He was misbehaving and hitting another child. When confronted, (by another teacher-I am not the homeroom teacher) he tried to run out the door that I just happen to be standing beside. He screamed at me not to touch him. I responded that I was not touching him. He then screamed at me "SHUT UP BIG MOUTH" and took his fist and slammed it onto my wrist attempting to get me to let go of the door handle. This was the end of the day.

This was Last week. He was out until today. (Grandma was on vacation.) Today was his first day back. He was called to the office the 2nd half of the day. Spent half the day there and wrote me a letter saying he was sorry. THAT'S IT! No suspension! I can not believe a child can be out 2 days for stealing, but beat up the teacher and only get half a day in the office.A classroom full of students witnessed this!


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Then people wonder why teachers feel put upon. We are expected to be "professional" while we tolerate disrespect (from parents, children and society at large).:mad: I feel very sorry for you. I'm very lucky that all the principals that I work with consider all violence to be dealt with immediately and seriously. Cutting someone's dumpling a break is favoritism at best. I wonder what would have happened if it was the school's problem child without staff relation.



I'd contact your union rep. That behavior and consequence is out of line, and could be considered assault on a teacher--yes, we are stretching it a bit, but he's a little kid, and if he acts that way now, imagine how he'll be when he is a big kid!