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student teacher goodbye gifts



I am finshing up student teaching a kindergarten class and i was trying to think of a good gift to give the students and my host teacher. I was thinking of writing my students a goodbye poem. ANy suggestions?


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I just finished my student teaching in May. I gave my first mentor teacher a gift certificate to a local restuarant- so she could go out to eat with her kids. I gave my second mentor teacher a basket of antibacterial soaps and lotions from Bath and Body Works. Not the most original gifts but they were somewhat customized for their personalities- I wanted it to be something they could enjoy as part of their personal life.

I just brought cookies for the kids and we read a couple of favorite books. The poem idea is fun. Or how about a game/ big book/ something they could have in their classroom?


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I would definitely suggest a book. Write a personal message inside. When I finished my student teaching, I wrote each of my students a little personal letter. I felt sort of guilty because the gifts I got in return were much more amazing. The 3rd grade teacher I worked with bought me a beautiful crystal bell [because every teacher needs a bell]. And the kindergarten teacher I was with put together a 1st year survial kit for me that had bandaids and magnets and post it notes and sticky tack and just lots of little teacher things. It was very sweet. I wish my first year teaching was as great as my student teaching was.


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I did cookies and read Oh, the places you will go!, to my class of third graders for student teaching. I gave my classroom teacher and angel from Hallmark - she collected them $10.00 maybe. We had a small party, juice cookies and chips, they gave me a picture frame with a class picture and a book.

My other placement 8th grade was terrible. I did nothing for them, they did nothing for me. I knew I was graduating and had a job so I didn't care.


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I gave them ornaments and envelopes/stamps

I went to oriental trading and bought each and ornament and made them. I signed the back and put the year on it. I also then put my address on an envelope with a stamp for each student and told them to write me a letter more towards the end of the year or in the summer so I could see how they were doing. that was pretty cool getting letters 4-5 months later from them. Just a few ideas.

Oyea and i gave my mentor teacher a gift certificate to a local resturant that I knew her and her husband ate at.


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One of the most loved gifts I saw given to a class was one of those toy animals that you hang from the roof, the springy kind, that was hung in the corner to 'watch' over the kids (ie they couldn't reach it and pull it down). She hung it up after school and left a giant sized letter that was from the toy saying that it had heard what a wonderful class they were from Miss Smith, and could it please become a member of their class for the rest of the year. The classroom teacher was so into it that she kept on writing the notes from the toy telling the kids how good johnny had been yesterday, or she liked the way that sarah had done her printing so neatly. The kids liked talking to the pet, and they even wrote letters to it, they fully believed that it was the one sending them letters.


Does anyone have a poem I can use for students I'm leaving. I'm transfering to another school and I'd like to write someting to these children I've worked with for the last few years?

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i think it would be more sensational and they 'd love it if you wrote a poem by yourself..it would show them your love and how much u care.