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Student Teacher, have a day of subbing coming


Ryan Fox

I'm a second year student teacher, and part of this placement is that they have us sub somewhere else in the school (it's a grade 10 - 12 school, with 1200 kids). I'm nervous about subbing because I have trouble breaking ice with students (I get on great with them once that's done).

Any advice from people?


Senior Member
Start with basics, it will fall into place

Say Good Morning / Good Afternoon Class with a smile on your face, then get them started w/ something, like a warm-up or take out their homework, etc ... then call roll/attendance (it's easier if they are doing something vs just waiting for you to call their name ... they need to get busy on something right away - this gives them less of a chance to misdirect their attention (goof-off). Then take it from there!

Good luck!