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Student teacher question for teachers


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My coop and supervisor were friends before I began my student teaching. My supervisor loved the way I taught for the first three weeks, but changed her opinion after my coop (who never liked me for some unkown reason) would call her up and tell her things she didn't like about me or the way I taught. They ended up giving me a B+. I got a recommendation from my supervisor, but my coop never gave me one. She gave me a hug on the last day, and said she would send it the next day, but never sent it. I am now subbing and applying for jobs. How much does the grade and lack of recommendation weigh into getting a job?


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Plan and

practice interviewing. I feel that you either get or lose a job during the interview. Be prepared for their questions and have questions of you own. Be ready to describe your work ethic and commitment. An impressive interview outweighs a student teaching grade.


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Don't Worry

My future supervisor never contacted the school where I student taught. Not that I had a negative experience, he simply chose to base the decision on the interview and the recommendations from the interview team. I agree with the previous poster, practice your interview skills! Seek out sample interview questions for new hires and practice your answers. Watch yourself in the mirror and try to take note of any habits you may have (twirling your hair, saying "Ummm" often, etc.)

Best of luck as you begin your teaching career!


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I certainly wouldn't worry about it. I am a career changer and never had the opportunity to be a student teacher. I had my temporary certificate and the only teaching I ever did was as a sub. My interview went so well that the assistant principal called me 45 minutes later to offer me the full time, 7th grade, Language Arts position. I started one week later and walked into my classroom to meet my students. (It was in November.) I found out later that they had made two phone calls to the references I had listed on my application. They never contacted anyone else. I'm still there and I love it. Good luck. Don't stress. You will be where you are meant to be. :)


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First of all, I don't think a B+ is a bad grade. My student teaching experiences were always graded pass or no pass. You got a recommendation from your supervisor. How was it? You can use it if you want. You could send a thank you letter to your coop and ask again for a recommendation at the end of your thanking her for all her help and all you learned from her etc. She may need a reminder is all. You should attempt to get the recommendation to know how she really feels about how you did. (future emploers may CALL your coop)On your grade weren't there any comments? Tell her you'd like to have this for future jobs and that you value her input. A lot of places but not all that I applied for years ago, asked for a recommendation from my coop. But since then I have student taught 3 more times for other licenses. If you end up having anything negative on it, make sure you address how you have taken measures to improve on any areas by taking workshops or reading up on the area to improve. Future employers like the fact that you can take constructive critizism and work to improve yourself (which we all need to do) instead of disagreeing and complaining about it. Use whatever you can get to your advantage. As you gain more experiences, you can just use more recent recommendations if you want. (my others turned out great) I've been working now for almost 15 years. Back then, I had to work under your conditions during my first student teaching in an elementary placement. I didn't know 'til afterwards that my two supervisor/coop were friends. I really think that this shouldn't be allowed. If you think from your evaluations that you got a really bad deal because of it, I suggest you go over your supervisors head and complain to his boss. That is only if you got a bad recommendation letter from him. But really I don't think getting a B+ is bad at all. My recommendation was a Pass but my coop's comments weren't great overall. I was told the same advice I gave you by my college placement advisor. Just show how you have worked to "improve" on anything you got that was negative from your coop. Best of luck!